Valeriesins – How to serve me better

Valeriesins - How to serve me better

Its time to teach you how to serve me better. As my greed becomes biger, your sacrifice needs to increase and because your easy pink brain cant come up with solutions i will help you out. You can thank me, for those great advices, afterwards, with a nice fat tribute


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Worship Violet Doll – Pussy Denial Mantra

Worship Violet Doll - Pussy Denial Mantra

Hey bb dick, it’s time for a lesson. You know you don’t deserve My pussy, or any pussy for that matter. It exists to be worshiped. Only real men with big thick strong throbbing cocks get to please this pussy, and you don’t even get to look at it. Weak little fucks like you belong on your knees, beating your tiny clits.

If you have any sense of doubt left over what a worthless pathetic unlovable loser you are, we’re going to train you to accept the truth right now. I’m going to beat it into your feeble little mind. Over & over & over. Repeat the following mantras until you believe.

This was a custom order. An intense mesmerize/brainwash clip, with 20 mantras that will train you to properly worship pussy. A must buy for all of you sissies and pathetic losers who deserve to be denied.


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Jenny Blighe – Making You My Girly Cumslut

Jenny Blighe - Making You My Girly Cumslut

Custom vid*** “Jenny, please wear a sexy black bra, black thong, white thigh-high stockings (like in your Home Alone with Sister JOI video), Red Lipstick and keep your hair out, not tied back. No music or anything in the background and no zooming in/out of the camera please. Have a close up view that is intimate and look me in the eyes as you talk to me. Be sensual, not humiliating, and please talk very dirty to me. Phrases like “I know you’ve fantasized about being a girl, you’ve wondered what cum tastes like, how it feels to take a load in your mouth and then swallow it.” Tell me how delicious it tastes, how you love cum and how it gets you wet that I want to eat my own. Lick your fingers and tell me that you’re going to help me eat cum like a girl. be encouraging and play with your hair while talking to me and turning me on. Tease your smooth body (especially legs) for me. I shave all the hair off my body so that I feel more feminine. I want to feel like a girl doing this. Please help me to. You want me to cum directly into my mouth. Please show me the position and demonstrate it for me. legs over head with cock pointing straight at my wide open mouth. Show me how to do it so that i can’t miss. Tell me to imagine you sucking my cock while you loosen my ass with your fingers. You think that I need to take cock inside my body to truly feel like a girl and you’re going to strap on fuck me. Use dirty phrases like, filling up your asshole, stretching you out, feel it move inside of your body as I fuck you, push back on my cock. Talk dirty, call me a slut etc. Don’t actually wear a strap on in video. Tease your breasts throughout the video by leaning over to show cleavage. Towards the end, take off your bra and panties (leave thigh-highs on), tease your body, lie back and spread your pussy open, asking me how I wish I had a pussy and a female body. Tell me to get into position, legs over head, and give me a countdown from 10 seconds. You’re about to make me a girly cumslut. Once it’s in my mouth, tell me to hold it, savor it, taste it and finally swallow it. “Gulp it down for me”. Don’t allow me to back out. Make it feel personal and that this is the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. You WANT me to do this and you wish you could have shared that load with me, kissed, cum-swapped it. you’re dripping wet watching me. The filthier the talk the better. Simply make me feel like a dirty girl that lives to get fucked and eat cum. I fantasize about being that. Things I don’t like: calling me a sissy, faggot, loser etc. or girly names. Have fun with it, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!&quot


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Amusing Harley Jade with my masturbatory skills

Amusing Harley Jade with my masturbatory skills

Harley makes it immediately clear that she is way too hot for you. She is totally out of your league and you will never be able to fuck her. You know this, too. Harley suggests that you can jerk off to her, but just do not even think that you can fuck her. Take your dick out and amuse Harley with your masturbatory skills. She knows you jerk off a lot, so impress her. A girl as sexy as Harley would not even normally speak to you, so you are super excited for her attention right now. Think about putting your dick in between her perky titties. Look at her ass and know that you will never have that, either. She is eager to see you cum and she urges you to think about how sexy she as is you empty your balls.


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Lara Kane – White Boy is Weak For Ass

Lara Kane - White Boy is Weak For Ass

On your knees, white boy. Enjoy the view of my perfect ass. It makes you so weak, doesnt it… You can never control yourself around black women. When I am standing in front of you, you are never in control. I have all the power here and with one little tease of my ass I could make you do anything I wanted. I know how much you want to get close to it, to feel it pressed against your loser face but I would never give a bitch like you such a treat. Im just going to tease you and make you weaker and weaker for me.


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Lara Kane – Black Takeover

Lara Kane - Black Takeover

You need to realise how inferior you are white boy and just give in. Your limp dick will never compare to them. There is a reason they say once you go black you NEVER go back. You cannot compete. I will show you pictures of superior black men just to emphasize how lowly you are. We will rule over you and you will be grateful for the chance to serve us. I will then make sure you are completely obedient to us to the point where you will even stroke to BBC to prove your full submission to us.


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Lara Kane – BBC for the bitch

Lara Kane - BBC for the bitch

Take a seat white boy, it is time for a life lesson. You will never be able to compete with alphas like this so why bother trying. You will never be as confident, as strong or have the sex appeal this black stud has. You dont belong in our world, you belong serving us! And the best and most humiliating way for you to serve us is to make you worship BBC!


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Goddess Chloe – BF’s getting BBC cucked

Goddess Chloe - BF's getting BBC cucked

Sexy Goddess Chloe wants to have a talk with you (her BF). She explains that you can never make her cum, you have a tiny white dick. She lets you in on her deepest desire, to Fuck BBC! She wants you to watch it happen, and though you say no, she sees you little dick get rock hard at the idea of a Black Man fucking her White Pussy. She then teases you and encourages you to jerk your little white dick, making you think of her and a Black Man. She REALLY wants you to be a part of it all. You will be her fluffer and must clean up after. She builds you up to blow it while dreaming of her cumming on those Black Cocks!

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Tessa Fowler JOI

Tessa Fowler JOI

This was a private custom video from Tessa with her giving some jerk-off instructions. Lots of her self-sucking her tits and plenty of dirty talk. If you ever wanted to hear Tessa tell you where to spray your cum, this one is for you!

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BBC Brainwashed by Lindsey Leigh and Goddess Jessica

BBC Brainwashed by Lindsey Leigh and Goddess Jessica

Your sensual seductresses are back and ready to rewire you. Get naked and on your knees. Take a couple of deep breaths in, you’re going to need them. It is no secret you have been experimenting with your sexuality. It all began so innocently with porn, watching another man pleasure a hot woman. Then you began to envy these men, you couldn’t seem to get a woman to orgasm. Your jealousy consumed you until you met us. We gave you purpose. If you can’t please a woman then your cock is useless and you may as well just be a hole for a real man. Clip after clip, brainwash after brainwash it finally sank in. You love cock. Though we have gotten you this far, its time to push you over the edge with big black cock. Listen, focus and jerk off to these huge throbbing cocks while your superior goddesses get into your head and reprogram!


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Star Nine – Craving Your Big Black Cock

Star Nine - Craving Your Big Black Cock

You walk in on me lounging on your bed, fully nude. I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve been craving it. Your big black cock. I beg for it, spreading and fingering my tight pink pussy. You drop your pants and I gasp. It’s even huger than I thought it was. I tease your massive cock with my tongue ring and take as much of it in my mouth as I can. Saliva stretches to the tip when I pull away. I want to feel your big black cock throbbing between my tiny white tits. I push them together and rub it between them the best I can, begging to feel you inside my tight little pussy. I want you to break it, stretch it, fill it, pound it with your big black cock.

You watch my pussy stretch open as you force your big black cock into it. It’s so huge, I can barely fit the head in at first. We fuck in multiple positions until I can finally get it balls deep. My toes curl as I cum, filled to bursting with your massive black cock. When we’re finished I show off my creamy pussy and lick the juices from the head of your cock.


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Erotic Goddess Christina – Slut For BBC

Erotic Goddess Christina - Slut For BBC

I know you love hot women. That’s why you can’t get enough of me. I’m so fucking hot and it drives you wild. But I’m not the only thing that gets you going am I? No. You love cock! Seeing a big hard black cock turns you on doesn’t it?! You imagine serving me and doing as I say. Even more… being my slut. The idea of me forcing you to suck a nice big cock and calling you my whore makes you want to burst! You’ll see how bad you need cock and how hard it makes you cum. Just wait. You better have your dick sucking lips ready whore!


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