Princess Rene – Losers Get No Sex

Princess Rene - Losers Get No Sex

Look at you, just a horny fucking loser. You couldn’t fuck me if I spread my pussy and said, “come here, big boy!” You’d be so nervous with a girl, you couldn’t even get it up. If you could get it up, you’d probably prematurely ejaculate the second you stuck it inside of her. Its hopeless! The best sex you’ll ever have is with your palm, stroking it again and again, perfecting your rhythm to my clips! Go on, show me what you have to look forward to for the rest of your life: stroking it to me like the masturbating fiend that you are!

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Sexytimes with my step daughter Edyn Blair

Sexytimes with my step daughter Edyn Blair

Your step daughter Edyn is asking you to convince her mother to let her stay in the house for at least another year. Yes, it is true that Edyn flunked out of school, but she does have a job and contribute to the household. Maybe you two can work out a deal. Edyn feels confident that she has a few things that might entice you. “Pull that cock out for me, daddy,” she purrs. You take your pants off and Edyn now understands why her mother likes you so much. You have a nice cock and Edyn wants to see how you handle it. She takes off her clothes and suggests all the things that you can do today and in the future. You do happen to love redheads – especially when they call you “daddy”. You put your face into her soft tits and tickle her nipple with your tongue. Unable to resist, she puts her mouth on your cock and sucks you – and then she kisses you. Never could you have guessed that she would suck your cock. She plays with her pussy as she encourages you to stroke yourself. Can you hear how wet her pussy is as she moves her finger in and out? Emboldened, Edyn lets you briefly taste her pussy. You get in a few licks and then you start thinking about how your future encounters will go. Finally you cum all over her ass and you both are very happy with today’s encounter.

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Petite porn star Dallas Black takes my load

Petite porn star Dallas Black takes my load

Are you into petite girls? Dallas stands at a tiny 5’2″ and she is certain that you will love every little part of her. Do you want to see all of her small parts? She will show you, but you have to take your dick out for her. Stroke your cock up and down and listen to pretty little Dallas. Get your cock really hard for her. She lets you look at her little titties and they are all that you could have imagined. Then she takes off her panties to show you her pretty ass and pussy. Her hairless twat would be able to take your cock and you are pretty sure of that. Dallas smacks her ass as she asks you to cum for her and you cum very hard for her. She can tell how much you love petite girls like her.

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Princess Lexie – The Bet (Part 2)

Princess Lexie - The Bet (Part 2)

I’m dressed in a top and shorts, and I tell you that I enjoyed our last bet & want to make another. I explain that this time Ive got several g-strings underneath My shorts. The bet is this: Ill tease you with My ass again, slowly removing each g-string & you must not get hard. I order you to strip naked so that I can see any movement your dick makes. This time Ive got a cake for the loser. If you get hard, Ill invite your m(o)m in to put the cake in your face. If you win, then Ill put the cake in My own face. While teasing you, I grab My ass and spank it over and over, because I know this is what drives you crazy. When I get down to My last g-string, you’re still not hard. Determined to avoid the cake in My own face, I pull My last g-string to just below My ass and do a 10 second countdown while spanking My bare ass. This proves to be too much. Pulling the g-string back up & putting the shorts on again, I’m delighted to see that I’ve won again. I say how embarrassing it’ll be when your m(o)m sees you naked & hard &, how Ill enjoy seeing her put the cake in your face.

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Princess Lexie – Easy Blackmail

Princess Lexie - Easy Blackmail

You’re craving My control. you want to give in completely, don’t you? But I know it’s hard: you’re scared. How can something as simple as sending Me just a little bit of information be such an internal conflict? you know it will feel good when you finally submit to Me. So today, I’m going to take that ounce of self-control that you have left. That tiny part of you that is holding back is going to give in. Because we both know you can’t stare at My perfection on your screen and not do exactly what I say. We’re going to start nice and easy today. Just a tiny bit of information.

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Princess Lexie – Forever a Virgin

Princess Lexie - Forever a Virgin

Look at Me in this sexy lingerie. Outfits like these were just made to be fucked in-but you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you? lol no…you’re just a pathetic little virgin who has never felt the pure ecstasy of sliding your cock in a warm wet pussy. And let’s face it: you probably never will. You see, I’ve kind of ruined you sexually. Even if some poor desperate girl finally agreed to have sex with you, you probably couldn’t get hard with her because she wouldn’t look like Me, and she couldn’t possibly understand that humiliation is what really gets you turned on. So you just sit at home, and jerk-off to My clips, like the pathetic little virgin boy that you are. Now cum for Me, you little addict: this is what your dick was made for.

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Princess Lexie – Bikini FinDom

Princess Lexie - Bikini FinDom

Look at Me in this cute and sexy little bikini! Watching Me tease you in these super tiny and super expensive pieces of fabric instantly makes your dick twitch and your hand reach for your wallet. Doesn’t it just make you want to PAY? Yeah I know it does, seeing Me in this pricey designer bikini is just another reminder of how you could never EVER get My attention without spending money on Me first. So that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

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Princess Lexie – Sell Her Posessions

Princess Lexie - Sell Her Posessions

Look at Me, and then look at your wife. She could just never compare, could she? lol fuck no! She’s fat, she’s ugly, her pussy is loose and all used up, the complete opposite of Me. So you know what I think you should do? Just sell all her stuff, loser! Yeah, I know you’ve been giving Me cash for a while now, but it’s not enough really. So why don’t you sell her jewelry, and give Me the money? lololol….this is a slippery slope though…pretty soon you and your ugly little wife will be on the streets, poor, and of no use to Me anymore. But I totally deserve it, don’t I?

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Princess Lexie – Whack Off Jeans

Princess Lexie - Whack Off Jeans

Don’t you just love My Princess butt in these jeans? My Princess butt gets you so weak that all you can think about is whacking off! I should just call these ‘the whack off jeans’ because they make all you boys want to whack off! lololol don’t you want to spank your dick to these whack off jeans? Yeah, that’s right, spank your dick while I spank your wallet! lololol…you know, these old jeansare great, but I just got a new pair of jeans in the mail from another loser ATM machine like you. I think I’ll try these on too, and get you really worked up. Mmmm you love these jeans as well, don’t you? You work hard all day to buy Me designer denim like this while I just sit on My perfect Princess butt! lololol. Isn’t it great?

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