Adrienne Adora - Deep Mental Reprogramming

Adrienne Adora – Deep Mental Reprogramming

Domme Adrienne Adora will tease and mesmerize you with her beauty and domineering personality. This tall brunette Goddess with a killer ass and hot natural tits specializes in femdom, financial domination, humiliation and turning unwary pervs into her minions.

Using a hypnotic spiral and audio subliminal effects, just by watching her beautiful face, big brown eyes and listening to her soft red lips huskily giving you commands you will be brainwashed and mindfucked to be her “Good Boy” in this POV style “Hypnotic Induction Trance” clip. No Nudity. No Sex.

Goddess Adrienne says:
“Intense brainwash initiation for all of my current or soon-to-be mindless playthings. Powerful layered subliminals and binaural beats along with a spiral image induces a deeper state of trance and begins to melt your mind from the inside out, before I allow you to watch me through the haze as I melt you completely and rewire your mind in order to best suit my desires. Don’t you want to be a good boy and please me?

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