Adrienne Adora – Little Sis Panty Humiliation [Taboo Face Sitting Fantasy]

Adrienne Adora - Little Sis Panty Humiliation [Taboo Face Sitting Fantasy]

Domme Adrienne Adora will tease and mesmerize you with her beauty and domineering personality. This tall brunette Goddess with a killer ass and hot natural tits specializes in femdom, financial domination, humiliation and turning unwary pervs into her minions.

She is wearing knee ponytails, high socks, and a schoolgirl uniform and just by watching her beautiful face, big brown eyes and listening to her soft red lips huskily giving you commands you will be brainwashed and mindfucked to think you are her perverted little brother in this Hypnotic POV style “Taboo Upskirt Face Sitting Fantasy” clip. No Nudity. No Sex.

“I’m home from class in my knee high socks and cute little schoolgirl uniform. I sit down to put my feet up and watch tv and I notice you’re sitting on the floor staring at me. Do you think I won’t notice what you’re looking at? You’re looking up my skirt! Gross! You’re my br0ther! I wrestle you to the ground and stand over you, giving you a nice upskirt view at my little pink heart panties. You like that, don’t you freak?? Let’s see how much you like it when I sit on your face and smother you with them!!

Category: SMOTHER
Keywords: s1ster, br0ther, schoolgirl, socks, ass, smother, panties, upskirt, uniform, taboo”

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