Alix Lynx – Your small penis is historic

Alix Lynx - Your small penis is historic

The reason for your visit today is obvious. There is no need to be embarrassed, though. Alix is a professional and she is here to help. She asks you to remove your pants so that she can see your full problem and she is surprised to see how small your cock really is. She needs her magnifying glass to view your micropenis. Miss Alix shows you a normal penis and then she shows you a cast of the smallest penis she has ever seen. Your penis, however, is far tinier than anything she has ever seen before. There are a few treatments that could be utilized, but they are quite invasive and not appropriate. She asks how big your erect penis becomes and she wonders how much ejaculate can come out of a penis so small. Miss Alix begins to explain to you how you should work your little dick. In every effort to be of assistance to you, she takes off her lab coat and then she reveals her bit tits to you and you appreciate her encouragement. You can feel the cum building up in your balls and Miss Alix asks you to speed your strokes as she reveals her pussy to you. She can tell that you are near an orgasm and when you pop, Miss Alix is impressed with your sperm offering.


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