Allison Moore – A sperm sample for Allison

Allison Moore - A sperm sample for Allison

You have not seen Allison in a long time (maybe 7 or 8 months) and it turns out that she is quite pregnant. Unfortunately, however, she isn’t sure who the baby daddy is and she needs a sperm sample from you. You thought that she was a slut, but now you know for sure. She does look hot with her big titties and her big belly. As she removes her clothes, she reveals a sexy pregnant body and a pretty red bra and panty set. She is certain to show you just how to stroke your dick because it is critically important that she works out a big sample from you. Allison needs to know who the daddy is and she is making every effort to help you work out a fat load. Now totally nude on the couch, she lets you have a look at her pregnant pussy. You have never seen a naked pregnant girl in person before and you are intrigued. She rubs her huge belly as she encourages you through this sperm sample jerk session. Don’t you wish that you had cum in her ass now? She tosses the sample cup at you and helps you work out a fresh sample into the cup.

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