Alyssa Reece – Daughter’s Naughty Dream/Daddys Little Girl

Alyssa Reece - Daughter's Naughty Dream/Daddys Little Girl

You hear your daughter Alyssa calling from upstairs and you head up to her room to see her sitting on her bed. She is wearing little white shorts and you try to look away but your gaze stays on her long legs. “Hi daddy, will you stay in my room for a little bit?” You tell her that it’s getting late and that she should go to bed but she says she wants to tell you about a dream that she had. “In this dream you were in my bed and then you kissed me and you started to touch my legs and you went from my tummy to in between my legs daddy.” You tell her that it wouldn’t be right for a father to touch his daughter. She ignores you and tells you that she wants you to touch her for real. You tell her that you can’t but she tells you that she really wants you to. “You always say that you’ll do anything for me and that I’m your little girl daddy.” You know you should put a stop to it but you can’t. Your little girl starts to rub her pussy over her shorts. She takes her shorts off and bends over for you and tells you that she wants you to touch her pussy. She slides her panties down and tells you that she wants daddy’s cock. “I want your cock every night daddy, I want you to only cum for me daddy. I don’t want you to give it to mommy anymore.” You can’t say no to your seductive little daughter and she asks you to slide your cock in her little pussy. She tells you that you’re not allowed to fuck mommy anymore and that daddy is only allowed to fuck his little girl from now on. She rides your throbbing dick and asks for you to cum inside her little pussy. In this clip your daughter seduces you into fucking her and tells you that your cock is only for her from now on. No more fucking mommy, only your little girl.

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