Anya Ivy – Sniff and stroke

Anya Ivy - Sniff and stroke

Anya confronts you about a pair of her missing panties. Since very few people live in the house, she can only guess that it is you who has stolen her panties. You are embarrassed by this, but Anya promises you that if you give them back to her, she will show you the panties she is wearing right now. You hand over her panties and she scolds you. Do you smell them? Anya spreads her legs and you see blue panties on her. She asks if you are going to take your dick out and now she wants to see how you work your cock. You can have her blue panties if you show her what you do with the panties. She hands her dirty panties over to you and you begin to handle yourself. You are surprised when Anya tells you that she is turned on by you. With her legs spread wide, she says she likes how you hold her panties as you jack it. You put the panties up to your nose and inhale her scent deeply. You can still feel her warmth on the panties. Maybe you could fuck her while she wears her panties moved to the side. Now ready for your load, Anya encourages you to put it right on her pussy.

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