Ashley Alban – Sex Therapist

Ashley Alban - Sex Therapist

You decide to finally see a sex therapist. You can’t stop thinking about fucking every remotely attractive woman you see. Your relationships are suffering. It’s even becoming a problem at work. This therapist has great reviews online so you decided to give it a shot. After you explain to her the problem, she tells you the answer is fairly simple: you need to release all of your tension and develop some boundaries.

She says she can help you right now, but you’ll have to follow all of her directions. She tells you to pull out your dick. You’re surprised. She urges you that it’s necessary to release your sexual tension. She will provide some visual stimulation if that will help. Before you can believe it, your therapist is stripping and your dick is rock hard. You watch her take out her big tits, shake her ass and rub her pussy. She asks you if you want to fuck her. Of course you do! She reprimands you. You can’t just fuck everyone. It’s impossible and impractical. If you find a woman attractive, think about her while you jack off. Your therapist tells you that you’re only allowed to masturbate when you see her though. So you better save up all of those dirty thoughts and loads until your next session!


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