Ashley Sinclair – Hospital Cuckold

Ashley Sinclair - Hospital Cuckold

You and your date were walking home from night clubbing when the guys you were walking with beat your ass and left you in a ditch so they could fuck your girl. So now you are in the hospital and your girl has finally showed up (a day later) to see if you are ok. After they beat your ass, she felt like she should go with them so they didnt hurt her too. She enjoyed them taking turns fucking her all night and day and tells you all about how macho and manly they were and how they fucked her good. She lost her panties so she doesn’t have any on under her sexy club dress (she hasnt changed yet.) She spreads her legs and shows you all the positions they used their thick meaty cocks on her. Hope you recover fast, or she is going back over there to fuck them again!

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