Ashley Sinclair – Jerking & Cuckolding Ex-Boyfriend

Ashley Sinclair - Jerking & Cuckolding Ex-Boyfriend

You used to be Ashley’s boyfriend. She broke up with you because after cuckolding with you so long, she found that she really shouldn’t be with you at all. She keeps you in her apartment still….. tied up (for her amusement.) She brings her boyfriends over and fucks them right in front of you. This clip is a POV of her as she gets ready to go on a date. You lay there tied up watching and listening to her humiliate you about how she is going to bring him back and fuck him in the room next to the room you are in. She goes ahead and “Takes care of you” before she leaves for her date so you wont be beating off while she fucks him later. There, now don’t you feel better?

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