Astro Domina – Bust a Nut for the Bunny

Astro Domina - Bust a Nut for the Bunny

Oh look, Sydney the Playboy Bunny is here. Doesn’t she look so good? As you know, before the start of this session, you better pay her. Come on, a hundred dollars? You can do better than that! Better hand over your wallet and have Sydney take it all. There, better. Low balling clients like you deserve nothing. Now that Sydney has the money, what are you going to do? Instead of Sydney doing something special for you, here’s what’s going to happen: you will jerk off for her instead. She’s in charge now. And all you get to do is obey her commands. That’s what you get for being a cheap ass bastard. Come on, keep jerking! To make it even more enticing, Sydney will even take her top off, even though you don’t deserve it. And you can jerk it to her pussy too. Come on loser, bust a nut to this Asian Bunny!


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