Bad Medicine V

Bad Medicine V

My son has been staying with me since he is going to college locally. I am a bit of an overprotective mother, asking his professors to call me if there are any issues with my son’s attendance or performance. There is a missed call on my cell phone from his first hour professor and I see my son in his pajamas on the sofa. “Darling, what’s going on?”

He tells me he is sick, and it’s true that his skin feels warm, his cheeks are flushed rosy pink. I have a miracle pill that worked wonders for me when I was under the weather last winter. I carelessly grabbed his father’s boner pill and came back 30 minutes later.

I kiss my little baby boy good morning and feel a poke under the covers. He is raging hard. This is a major problem! He can’t go to school like this, and he has finals! I have to help him, he is far too inexperienced to navigate his erection properly. He protests a little, but I always know how to convince my sweet boy to let Mommy have her way. I stroke his cock, so impressed with the size that I try to hide my excitement. His eyes are fixated on my blue eyes as I tell him how much I love him. He cums hard for me, but there is a problem… he is still raging hard. I sigh as I fall back into the sofa wondering what will I do? I know it’s dangerous to allow a boy on viagra to have a boner for too long. I must do what any good mother would do, kiss the pain away.

I kiss his cock, and the slippery sweet pre-cum makes me thirst for his cum. I can’t believe I am sucking his cock, my handsome son throbs in my mouth, and I encourage him to thrust inside of Mommy’s sweet mouth. He cums in my mouth and some trickles down the shaft of his hot cock, and I lick it up. I love my boy. I love my boy’s cum. He’s still hard.

You can tell by reading this that I am an excellent mother, and what sort of mother would I be if I didn’t take a dire situation like this and turn it into a beautiful lesson for my son’s future? He must learn to be a good, generous boy, and please his mother, or any woman that is kind enough to give him two deep orgasms. I instruct him how to make Mommy cum, and if Mommy cums all over his big boy dick, then that will make him cum too. When my boy thrusts deep inside of me, and I feel his balls slapping on my swollen clit, it makes me cum, and when I cum I grip the shaft of his cock as if my pussy is hungry for his hot cum. He cums inside of my pussy and I nearly cum from looking at his handsome face as play with it leaking out. Nobody is a better mother than me, nobody.

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