Bratty Bunny – Against Your Vows Home Wrecker

Bratty Bunny - Against Your Vows Home Wrecker

Domme Princess Bratty Bunny is gorgeous. Bunny will mindfuck, mesmerize, humiliate and turn you on all at the same time. Her soft spoken voice, perfect legs, gorgeous ass and spectacular tits are to die for. Wearing frilly lingerie in this POV Home Wrecker JOI clip she makes you realize “You can’t get enough”. No Nudity No Sex

“It seems that you have already gone against your vows to your wife by paying to stare and jerk to me. Another woman taking your mind off your wife, making you sexually aroused, and even having orgasms with yourself. She would be horrified to know that you were doing this, but look at that, you are back here with me. This continuation, this cycle is what gets you excited. Why think about your wife? She’s not important. You’re a selfish man who wants to pay for time with me. I have you wrapped around my finger, and yet, you are married. Bad boy… going against your vows like that. hahaha. Keep your mind in your pants…. you know you can’t escape this constant masturbating to me… instead of sex with your wife.”

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