Bratty Bunny – Because I Said So JOI CEI

Bratty Bunny - Because I Said So JOI CEI

Domme Princess Bratty Bunny is gorgeous. Bunny will mindfuck, mesmerize, humiliate and turn you on all at the same time. Her soft spoken voice, perfect legs, gorgeous ass and spectacular tits are to die for. Wearing a black tank top and black thong panties, her hair in braids, in this POV JOI CEI clip she makes you realize “You can’t get enough”. No Nudity No Sex

“Make a clip were you tease me and tell me how I you are going to force me to eat my cum if I want to ever experience a satisfying orgasm. Near the end of the clip do a cum countdown but at 1 make me take my hands off and ruin my orgasm so it dribbles out and order to me to lick up my cum. Then tease me again and tell me how I have earnt a satisfying orgasm but tell me in order to cum I must cum into my mouth but when you get to one on the cum countdown make me let go of my cock and make me ruin another orgasm into my mouth. Then completely deny me so I am left with the taste of cum and still haven’t had a proper orgasm.”

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