Bratty Bunny – Home Wrecking Gay

Bratty Bunny - Home Wrecking Gay

Domme Princess Bratty Bunny is gorgeous. Bunny will mindfuck, mesmerize, humiliate and turn you on all at the same time. Her soft spoken voice, perfect legs, gorgeous ass and spectacular tits are to die for. Wearing a hot pink bikini in this POV Home wrecker/Forced-Bi clip she makes you realize “You can’t get enough”. No Nudity No Sex

“Oh! You didn’t know? You didn’t know that you hate your wife so much because you’re a faggot? No? Well, thank god i’m here to tell you how it’s going to go down and what you have been missing. No wonder why you hate fucking that wife of yours. What a horrible relationship. You should probably go tell her how gay you really are. You just want cock from here on out. Lots of it. You need to start sucking and fucking all kinds of dicks. Just relax, and focus on what you want. A man in your life, not a woman. You better get out there and start cheating on your wife.”

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