Bratty Bunny – Mindless Drooling Edging Stoner Loser For Bunny

Bratty Bunny - Mindless Drooling Edging Stoner Loser For Bunny

Bratty Bunny I know what you’re doing. What? You thought you could hide it from me? And I also know that you’re just sitting there, mindless jerking off because it feels so good when you’re high and stupid. I’ll bet you’ve been edging your cock for hours. You just get fucked up and jerkoff all day and all night. You have nothing better to do. What a sad, pathetic existence. All you can think about is how good your cock feels as you edge for me for hours. And you do this night after night after night. You are soooo pathetic. All you do is jerkoff and edge. You become so pliable, so easy to manipulate. You’re a waste, a loser. You’re going to watch this clip as you edge over and over again. This is the most perfect clip for you ever. It combines all of your favorite activities. You really are worthless. Go on, take another hit, hold it in… jerk your cock… and let it out. And you’re going to do that so many more times with me tonight. It’s a vicious cycle. You just love being teased by a hot little brat. Edging, getting humiliated that’s all you do. Stupid. Pathetic. Truly. You really are an idiot. I hate you. You’re just a loser I’m going to manipulate. You can’t stop. Just edge, and edge, and edge. You’re just lost in jerkland. Just keep edging for me loser.

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