Bratty Bunny – Poppers

Bratty Bunny - Poppers

Domme Princess Bratty Bunny is gorgeous. Bunny will mindfuck, mesmerize, and turn you on all at the same time. Her soft spoken voice, perfect legs, gorgeous ass and spectacular tits are to die for. Wearing a red bra and thong panties in this POV forced-intox JOI clip she makes you realize “You can’t get enough” as you take some shots of alcohol and sniff your poppers and get mesmerized by her, then have the one of the most intense orgasms ever. No Nudity No Sex No humiliation

“Ready to go on a little journey with me? Get your alkyl nitrite’s ready. My soft seduction, my sweet voice lead you down a very heavy path. Just follow my lead, my stroking addict. Take a hit for me, relax and focus on my beautiful body. Let’s seduce you and bring you up to the biggest orgasm. Breathe it in deeply, take your mind away from everything. Hyp.not.ic feelings take over. Your mind goes numb.”

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