Bratty Bunny – Stupid Girlfriend Home Wrecker

Bratty Bunny - Stupid Girlfriend Home Wrecker

Domme Princess Bratty Bunny is gorgeous. Bunny will mindfuck, mesmerize, turn you on and make you forget about your girlfriend or wife all at the same time. Her soft spoken voice, perfect legs, gorgeous ass and spectacular tits are to die for. Wearing a purple bikini in this ‘POV Home Wrecker JOE’ clip she makes you realize “You can’t get enough”. She dances in front of you and taunts you about how you need her more than you need your wife or girlfriend. She mindfucks you while encouraging you to jerk off to her to realize you need Bunny more than you need a wife or girlfriend No Nudity No Sex

“Nice little relationship you have with your girlfriend. It’s not very good to be watching my clips and be addicted to me when you are in a relationship. That doesn’t seem to be very healthy. You must be owned…. by ME! Addicted and weak for me. It’s never going to be enough. Look at your girlfriend…. now look at me. Hahaha. This is a fun mind game isn’t it?! I love fucking around with men and their significant others. She’ll never win. Maybe you’ll have a break or two but you’ll always come back to me. What a stupid girlfriend you have!”

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