Bratty Bunny’s Fetish – Part 3 Take A Pounding – Final

Bratty Bunnys Fetish - Part 3 Take A Pounding - Final

Custom Clip -You tie me up with my ass exposed & gag me with phose you wore in pt2. Pull on long gloves & put on the big strap-on pulling it tight. You now get very strict, telling me in detail the rough pounding I will now get: I will now ram this all the way into your ass & fucking pound you over & over. I will fuck the sh*it out of you until you scream & beg me to stop-then fuck you even harder. Cut to an hour later-you are exhausted but now very satisfied & I pleased you in the end. You tell me that I now know just how long and hard Miss Bunny can fuck & maybe even talk about what you might do with your next time (pulling the long gloves on tight). I am now your strap-on fuck pet & I must visit every week & take a severe pounding to please you”

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