British Domme Ella Jolie – Ella is the Office Bitch

British Domme Ella Jolie - Ella is the Office Bitch

British Princess Ella Jolie is petite, sexy and so dominating. She will tease and mindfuck you in this office blackmail fantasy POV style clip. No Nudity No Sex

“Ella Jolie is young, beautiful, and popular… Permanently being awed by all her male colleagues. She is used to getting her own way, she is even used to men doing her bidding, SPOILING HER, TREATING HER WELL! But, TODAY, you are her PREY, her VICTIM, her next TARGET. Ella invites you over after work saying that she needs to talk to you ITS IMPORTANT! She confesses to hearing that your job isn’t safe, that your boss has said your distracted and that your work rate has dropped. Ella says she knows that you both don’t really hang around together but she still considers you a friend, she says she always catches you staring and perving and encourages you to WANK your COCK! You look at Ella’s tight petite body in her sexy short skirt and open shirt as she bends over in front of you, like clockwork you DICK HARDENS just like all those times before but, on this occasion Ella has seen your BULGING BONER and wastes no time in tormenting you, teasing you, tempting you more and more. Oops she has just recorded you and now your F.U.C.K.E.D. Ella has caught you out and now your screwed looks like that job of yours is OVER! You shouldn’t have trusted the OFFICE BITCH!”

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