British Domme Ella Jolie – Ella’s Cuckolded Hubby

British Domme Ella Jolie - Ella's Cuckolded Hubby

British Princess Ella Jolie is petite, sexy and so dominating. She will tease and mindfuck you in her POV style Femdom clips. In this ‘Findom Cuckold Domination’ clip she is laying on her bed wearing white lacy bra and panties, black thigh high stockings and black high heels. As she takes off her bra to tease you, she tells you she is cheating on you and humiliates and mindfucks you to become her paypig cuckold. No Sex

“Getting with someone like Ella was the biggest fingers up to all the people who used to bully you at school… All the people who made fun of your geeky nature and unfortunate looks. But you proved them all wrong, when you got with one of the hottest models around. She said it was more about your kind personality and your loyalty to her. She said she’d had her fill of studs and was ready to settle down with a kind man…

Sadly, though, Ella Jolie got bored. And sadly for you, she chose this afternoon to tell you.

You return from work to find Ella laying in the bedroom. You know something bad has happened and your heart almost stops when she confesses she has been FUCKING OTHER GUYS… YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR COLLEAGUES and even some STRANGERS TO!

And it is not long before her FAKE sad face is replaced with a blase, smug, cold, smile. Now in SHOCK! Will you leave her? or will you put your GLAMOUROUS WIFE on an EVEN HIGHER PEDESTAL and REALLY WORSHIP HER AS A GODDESS!

But warned though… if you choose to stay and keep Miss Jolie in your life, the spending will go up and YOU will learn to serve her as your MASTER. ”So what’s it going to be hubby?””

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