British Domme Ella Jolie – Ella’s Latex Lovers

British Domme Ella Jolie - Ella's Latex Lovers

British Princess Ella Jolie is petite, sexy and so dominating. She will tease and mindfuck you in her POV style Femdom clips. You are on your knees and she is wearing fetish lingerie and clothing in this ‘Boot and Ass Goddess Worship Findom’ clip. Her corset shows off her bare naked natural tits; and she teases you with her latex covered ass and boots to give her lots of money. No Sex

“You just cannot resist Princess Ella’s PERFECT ASS. There is something so humiliating, and yet so satisfying about serving a young brat like Ella. She hasn’t been a Domme for long but she already has an army of perverts and wealthy financial pigs falling over themselves to receive her attention. Some are rich, some are poor but they are all completely addicted and all serve! If you have not yet joined the ranks of these fallen submissive men and women, you soon will do. You will be weakened by the very sight of her firm, toned, YOUNG ASS. She uses her perfectly formed BUTT to BRAINWASH and HYPNOTISE all her minions into becoming willing pay zombies and CRACK ADDICTS!”

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