British Domme Ella Jolie – Ella’s PVC Punishment CEI

British Domme Ella Jolie - Ella's PVC Punishment CEI

British Princess Ella Jolie is petite, sexy and so dominating wearing her boots and pvc latex corset and shorts. She will tease and mindfuck you in this POV style Femdom JOI & cum eating instructional clip. No Sex

“Princess Ella is new to the domme scene. She has only recently started BREAKING in you WEAK WILLED WIMPS. You might think your tough and that you can handle her but before long you will be just another COWERING CRAWLING CRIPPLED LOSER. Especially as she looks AMAZING IN PVC. You see Ella knows how her tight toned body and seductively sexy voice can make you want to drop to the floor like the powerless pussy whipped piggy you are. You will be instructed to take THAT TINY cock of yours out and WANK IT for your MISTRESS. You will be instructed to CUM in your hand and OF COURSE EAT IT! Your are now Ella’s CUM GUZZLER.”

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