British Domme Ella Jolie – Mental Manipulation

British Domme Ella Jolie - Mental Manipulation

British Princess Ella Jolie is petite, sexy and so dominating. She will tease and mindfuck you in this POV style Femdom Hypnosis Fantasy clip. She is your therapist who is wearing black stockings, a black latex mini shirt and white blouse. She hypnotizes you and makes you her financial slave. No Nudity No Sex

“You felt the time was right to try and ‘fix’ your crippling obsession. It has been taking over your life. You have lost all interest in any other activity. You found a therapist online, with a good success rate. As you enter into the Therapist’s office, you are immediately taken back by her stunning beauty. She welcomes you in and introduces herself and what she has in mind for your sessions. She informs you that she will put you into a trance to help ‘cure’ you.

You fall completely under as she counts you down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. She could help you but that would be to easy. Instead she decides she will make you her new pay zombie, and whenever you are in her presence you will naturally fall to your knees and worship her as a PRINCESS and YOUR ONE TRUE GODDESS. The need to masturbate when you see attractive women, will now be replaced with the need to worship them and in particular Miss Ella Jolie.

As she counts you out and you wake up, and you are indeed a ‘new man’. Without understanding, you IMMEDIATELY fall to your knees and begin to massage and kiss your Therapists feet before handing over YOUR WALLET in tribute of your GODDESS.”

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