BritishBratz – Princess Stephanie’s The Boss’ Daughter

BritishBratz - Princess Stephanie's The Boss' Daughter

British Brat Princess Stephanie is dressed in a tight sexy mini dress and high heels. She towers over you, dominating and blackmailing your wallet pov style. No nudity. No sex.

“Stephanie is the hot, young blonde whom regularly waltzes through the office leaving a trail male admirers BUT she is also the Boss’ daughter and that comes with a lot of power. She is daddy’s little girl and ALWAYS gets her own way. Blonde and bratty sums her up but you simply can’t peel your eyes from her.

Today, you have fallen prey to Stephanie, you are her next victim. Daddy is out of the office today and has left it in the capable hands of his daughter. She approaches your desk and cheekily flirts and giggles and lures you in. Before you know it, she is giving you glimpses up her skirt and even some panty flashes. You can’t control yourself and bl.ood rushes to your groin and you have the hardest uncontrollable boner. Stephanie’s mood changes from innocent and flirtatious to powerful and tormenting. As you try to cover up your embarrassing boner she notices and points it. ‘What would Daddy say if you was looking up my skirt and getting a boner over his little girl?’ Sweating of the consequences of this you start to shake with nerves. She is a powerful, young hot blonde and your future lies in her hands….. What is she going to do?

You will have to make sure you keep spoilt Daddy’s girl happy from now on.”

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