Cumming in my best friend’s girl’s mouth – AJ Applegate

Cumming in my best friend's girl's mouth - AJ Applegate

Your friend’s girl AJ is waiting for him to come back and you have a thought about how you could pass the time. Maybe she can jerk you off today. She is not into that and she says that she is going to tell him what you asked her to do. You tell her how hot she is, and that softens her mood a bit. AJ wouldn’t mind watching you jerk off, so you decide to take what you can get and you take your dick out and start stroking. If you promise not to tell her boyfriend about this, she will show you her titties. You agree and she takes out her small tits. AJ seems to be getting turned on and she asks if you want to see her pussy. Down go her shorts and panties and you can see everything, including her hip tattoo and big pussy lips. You briefly wonder why her pussy lips are so big, but you continue to jack it. Then she tells you that she would totally let you fuck her on the bed. She is a little mad with her boyfriend for making her wait and she thinks of a few places you could cum to get back at him: the sheets, his pillow, or maybe AJ’s mouth. It is no contest and you choose to cum into her mouth. She reclines on her boyfriend’s bed and prepares for your hot load. Jerk it faster, faster – yes, like that! AJ parts her red lips and happily eats your protein shot. She wonders if her boyfriend will taste you when he next kisses her.

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