Alix Lynx – Your small penis is historic

Alix Lynx - Your small penis is historic

The reason for your visit today is obvious. There is no need to be embarrassed, though. Alix is a professional and she is here to help. She asks you to remove your pants so that she can see your full problem and she is surprised to see how small your cock really is. She needs her magnifying glass to view your micropenis. Miss Alix shows you a normal penis and then she shows you a cast of the smallest penis she has ever seen. Your penis, however, is far tinier than anything she has ever seen before. There are a few treatments that could be utilized, but they are quite invasive and not appropriate. She asks how big your erect penis becomes and she wonders how much ejaculate can come out of a penis so small. Miss Alix begins to explain to you how you should work your little dick. In every effort to be of assistance to you, she takes off her lab coat and then she reveals her bit tits to you and you appreciate her encouragement. You can feel the cum building up in your balls and Miss Alix asks you to speed your strokes as she reveals her pussy to you. She can tell that you are near an orgasm and when you pop, Miss Alix is impressed with your sperm offering.


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Alix Lynx – Jerk It Sucker

Alix Lynx - Jerk It Sucker

Life sure is strange isn’t it? I bet when we were back in high school and you were such a jerk to me that you never guess I would grow up to fall in love and marry your father, making me your step mother. I remember each and every time you embarrassed me in school. You really were a big jerk. Now the tables have turned and its my time for a little fun. I don’t especially like you living at home still and would prefer if you moved out asap. You don’t have a job or any money saved so kicking your ass to the curb could complicate your current cushy existence. All I have to do is say the word to your father and you are out of here. I do have a heart thought so lets see if you would be willing to endure a little humiliation and let me have some fun. I wont say a word to your father about my disdain for you. Now, pull that dick from you pants and listen to my every word.

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Alix Lynx – We Can Do It One More Time

Alix Lynx - We Can Do It One More Time

We both know we aren’t any good for each other. None of our friends nor our families think we should be together. The one thing we have going for us is our combustible chemistry. I cant help but want to feel you one last time before we agree to go our separate ways. No one else has ever made me feel as good as you do in bed. It really is too bad we cant get along except for between the sheets but hey, lets do it this one last time and make an unforgettable memory.

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Alix Lynx – Stepsister CEI JOI

Alix Lynx - Stepsister CEI JOI

You bust into my room unannounced looking for your headphones and scare me, as only an annoying stepbrother would do. Before I get too heated, you cool me down by telling me my top looks hot, and proceed to take your dick out once I notice a not-so-discreet bulge in your pants. Little do you know I’ve always thought you were sexy, but you’re still my stepbrother and I’m not ready to fuck you just yet. So, instead, I ask you what will make you cum. It turns out you’re into cum eating, so I tell you how to stroke your hard dick as I take my clothes off for you. I know you can’t wait to taste that cum, so I talk dirty to you and tease you until you’re ready to blow. I give you a cum countdown and when I reach 1, you lean back and cum in your own mouth. Mmmmmm.

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Alix Lynx – JOI Edging Game

Alix Lynx - JOI Edging Game

You’ve been such a good boy, I’m going to give you a reward. But, of course, that’s only if you play my game: I’ll let you stroke your cock while I run my hands all over my body, but when I take my hands off, you have to stop too, no matter how close you think you are to cumming. But, if you do as I say, I’ll let you cum. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes.

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Alix Lynx Cam Land Clips: Cum for Me Daddy

Alix Lynx Cam Land Clips: Cum for Me Daddy

Hi Daddy! Your little kitten has been so good all day, waiting for you to come home to give you your surprise…sit back, relax, take your cock out and let me tell you how to stroke it. I love to please my Daddy, so I give you a cum countdown, too. I can’t wait to lick up all that cum.

Alix talks dirty and makes her self “daddy’s little girl” in this scene. Lots of dirty talk, no nudity and a cum countdown, with dirty talking in between. continued in Notes…

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FemdomEmpire – Alix Lynx – Cock Stroking Trance

Alix Lynx - Cock Stroking Trance

Listen to my soft soothing voice, it feels so good, so right to obey… Stroke yourself softly, & enjoy the intense pleasure and arousal I bring to you. Let the dance of my body sexy body on your screen hypnotantalize you… You can’t take your eyes off the screen once I begin my seduction. Captivating your mind and taking over your thoughts you will become my sexual drone. It is so relaxing letting your mind & body melt away to my warm soothing voice.

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