Allison Moore oils up her pregnant belly (9 months pregnant)

Allison Moore oils up her pregnant belly (9 months pregnant)

Now 9 months pregnant, Allison wants you to watch her oil up her belly once more. She did it for you at 7 months and you wanted more, so we are giving it to you in this clip. A copious amount of oil is drizzled onto her belly as Allison reminds you to take care of your cock. She tells you to jerk your cock nice and hard for her as she rubs the oil into her big belly and her full, milk-filled boobs. Her pussy is fatter than it was at 7 months into her pregnancy and you wish that you could touch it. Your dick is leaking precum as you listen to Allison tell you what a dirty pregnant girl she is. It turns her on to know that you are jerking your dick to her fat belly. You wish her oily hand would reach out and milk your dick, but you know that cannot happen. Though you were ready to cum almost at the very start of this clip, you have been able to hold your load until Allison permitted your release. Finally ready to see you cum, Allison tells you to stroke off until you are ready to let your seed spill all over her heavily pregnant belly.

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Jerking to help Allison Moore deliver her baby – Raylene

Jerking to help Allison Moore deliver her baby - Raylene

Nine months pregnant, Allison is ready to deliver her baby. Her midwife Raylene determines that the best way to get that baby out is with your cum. Allison’s belly is huge and that serves as real inspiration for your jerk session. There is not much time before Allison is ready, so you have to be quick today. She removes her panties and bra and she is fully exposed to you. Raylene massages Allison’s lactating titties and helps her to release some milk, which Allison happily licks off of her huge tits. Both of them give you all the verbal encouragement that they possibly can. You cannot believe how sexy Allison is at her 9th month of pregnancy. You are directed to cum all over Allison’s heavily pregnant pussy and you know that Allison is nearly ready to deliver! Are you ready? Uh-oh! You have p a s s e d o u t, but that won’t stop Allison. She is having that baby with or without your help.

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Allison Moore – A sperm sample for Allison

Allison Moore - A sperm sample for Allison

You have not seen Allison in a long time (maybe 7 or 8 months) and it turns out that she is quite pregnant. Unfortunately, however, she isn’t sure who the baby daddy is and she needs a sperm sample from you. You thought that she was a slut, but now you know for sure. She does look hot with her big titties and her big belly. As she removes her clothes, she reveals a sexy pregnant body and a pretty red bra and panty set. She is certain to show you just how to stroke your dick because it is critically important that she works out a big sample from you. Allison needs to know who the daddy is and she is making every effort to help you work out a fat load. Now totally nude on the couch, she lets you have a look at her pregnant pussy. You have never seen a naked pregnant girl in person before and you are intrigued. She rubs her huge belly as she encourages you through this sperm sample jerk session. Don’t you wish that you had cum in her ass now? She tosses the sample cup at you and helps you work out a fresh sample into the cup.

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Allison Moore – Bitchy and pregnant jerk session with Allison Moore

Allison Moore - Bitchy and pregnant jerk session with Allison Moore

Allison is not amused with you. You want to fuck her, but she is totally not in the mood. She is 7 months pregnant and in a foul mood. All you will get today is a jerk off session with her. Get out your cock and get started. You are cut off with fucking Allison as far as she is concerned, so all you get it your dick in your own hand. At least you get to see her naked. Her body, though heavily pregnant, is super sexy. You cannot wait to see her when milk comes out of her titties, but that won’t be for a few months. You concentrate on your jerk session and you rub the head of your dick for her. She won’t even let you titty fuck her. She sure knows how to explain a good dick stroking session, though! When you are ready to cum, you want to shower her with your spunk, but she will not let you do that. You will simply cum all over yourself instead. Now get the fuck out so that she can take a nap.

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Allison Moore – Jerk it for me daddy (my pregnant step daughter Allison)

Allison Moore - Jerk it for me daddy (my pregnant step daughter Allison)

Your step daughter is 7 months pregnant and it turns out that the is yours. Whoops. At least your wife doesn’t know that it is yours. It seems that you will no longer be able to fuck her like before, but you will be able to yank your dick for her. Do you like seeing her big belly? Do you like knowing that you put that baby in there? Yes, you do! Your stroke your dick as your step daughter takes off her bra. Those pregnant titties and her big belly are the result of your man spunk and you are more turned on than you should be about this. Your jerk your dick nice and hard as you watch your step daughter strip down. Her belly is enormous and you want to rub your hard prick on it. Her legs are spread wide and you can see her pussy. Her tits are on the verge of lactating and the thought nearly makes you jizz right there. You never really paid much attention to pregnant women before, but now you think you will. They are soft and round and at least this girl is totally horny for you. It seems clear that when you cum, you want to cum on that big, pregnant belly and Allison is amenable to this. You blow the biggest load that you can remember right on her big belly.

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Allison Moore oils up her pregnant belly

Allison Moore - Allison oils up her pregnant belly

Are you ready to jack off to pregnant Allison Moore? She is ready for you with some baby oil, so get out your dick and get started. She is rubbing oil onto her belly and it shines. Allison is quite generous with the oil and you put a little onto your engorged cock as you stroke for her. She wiggles her pendulous, enormous titties at you and she rubs them with some oil as well. Keep stroking it, but do not forget to play with your balls. You have never jerked off to a pregnant woman before, but you see more of it in your future. She is hot and horny. If only you could rub your cock on her belly. Do you want to see her pregnant pussy? Allison is quite happy to show you. Her big, milky tits and big belly are practically made to be covered in your hot jizz and you give her a huge load. You are quite impressed with your efforts as you gaze at your sperm all over her belly.

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