Alluring Ali 25 – Edge With Me

Alluring Ali 25 - Edge With Me

I believe a great orgasm is best with some anticipation. My hard nipples come flying out on my lingerie as I rub my clit just the way I like it while I encourage you to stroke your cock the way you enjoy it, whatever gets you hard. I get my pussy wet with spit while telling you to get your cock glistening for me. I have you tease the head of your cock as you cup your balls as I use rabbit ears on my clit. Then I have you squeeze your cock while I squeeze my clit. After that, it is some slow stroking, every once in a while I tell you to increase the pace or stop. I add a mini want to my rabbit ears just to make things more intense as I get more intense with my instructions with you. Soon we go fast and hard, you with the pumping, and me with just the mini wand, although with stopping, we don’t really get satisfied. I finger myself and wet up vibrator while telling you how to stroke. I use my vibrator in multiple positions, eventually getting completely naked, all the while giving you masturbation instructions….or just telling you to stop. 😛 In the end, I know I have a powerful orgasm after edging which causes me to be creamy and I hope you do too.

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