Alyssa Kayson – Sweaty Foot Massage POV

Alyssa Kayson - Sweaty Foot Massage POV

Alyssa Kayson just finished a grueling workout at the gym and is looking super cute in her sports bra, short shorts, gym shoes, and colorful knee high socks. Her feet and legs are incredibly sore from working out so hard, especially since she was breaking in a new pair of gym shoes. You want to help her relax, don’t you? Watch as she peels off her stinky gym shoes and shows off her sweat drenched socks before peeling them off as well. Run your hands all over her clammy, sweaty legs and feet, giving her the massage she craves. She needs a really deep foot massage to relieve the pain, but she also wants you to kiss, lick, and suck on her toes, too!

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