Alyssa Lynn – Small Penis Encouragement With My Stepmom

Alyssa Lynn - Small Penis Encouragement With My Stepmom

Your stepmom asks why you have been moping around the house lately. You never seem to be out on dates or with your friends. She thinks that she might know what your problem is because your dad had a bit of an issue with his small penis. After your stepmom got a hold of his dick, she made him able to work the hell out of his small dick. She feels confident that she can help you, too, so get your dick out of your pants. Stroke yourself, but let stepmom help you with some visual inspiration. Stepmom Alyssa takes down her camisole and shows off her huge tits. Your cock is not as small as she thought it would be. She slides down her denim short-shorts and she is now wearing only a pink thong and sneakers. She directs your attention to her big ass. You wonder if she knew you are an ass man. Stepmom Alyssa can see that you are almost ready to pop and she asks you to cum right on those fat titties.

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Jerk off session after Alyssa Lynn’s workout

Jerk off session after Alyssa Lynn's workout

Just back from a good workout, Alyssa is excited to show off her results to you. All you can focus on is her enormous tits. Do you want to rub out a quick one before she jumps into the shower? Get that cock out and work it. Alyssa lowers her white tank top and now see those sweaty titties in all their glory. Then she turns around to show off her ass and pussy from behind. She keeps her sneakers on, too. You love her in sneakers and she knows it. Her ass goes up and down – just like your hand on your shaft. Alyssa loves to watch you masturbate as she plays with her big tits and her smooth pussy. She wants to see you cum and she encourages you to keep stroking yourself until you explode all over her. Now she definitely needs a shower!

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Alyssa Lynn – Jacking it to my girlfriend’s hot mom

Alyssa Lynn - Jacking it to my girlfriend's hot mom

Alyssa wonders what you were doing to her daughter last night. She heard all the noise coming from the bedroom and you kept her up all night! She confesses that it has been a while since she has had a good reaming like the kind her daughter got from you last night. Maybe you can show her exactly what made her daughter scream so loudly last night. You are proud of your assets and you take it out for your girlfriend’s mom. She has some huge titties that you would love to dive into. Your cock is making MILF Alyssa go all stupid as she watches you stroke it. She lifts up her dress and you see she is not wearing panties. She is such a naughty MILF! You are turning her on, but you are also very turned on by this MILF. If your girlfriend caught you with her mom, you would be in trouble, but it would almost be worth it when you see Alyssa’s big, round ass. You can feel your load building up and you know that you are ready to let go. Alyssa gives you a target: her big tits! Your cum covers her tits and drips off of them perfectly, but you had better quickly get rid of all the evidence so you don’t get caught!

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