Amanda – Sissy Training and Transformation

Amanda - Sissy Training and Transformation

You are not comparable to a Man, because you are not a real man in any way – shape- or form . You fantasize about wearing bras and panties, not fucking hot women. You are to understand from here on out you will never refer to your sex organ as anything masculine again. From now on, your cock will be referred to as a “sissy clit” and you rub your sissy clit, you do not stroke it. I am going to quickly turn you into the cock loving sissy slut that you were destined to be. I want you to be practicing on your dildos so you know just how to satisfy my man. Imagine us taking turns on his big fat cock!

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iWorship Amanda – Oiled Ass Worship

iWorship Amanda - Oiled Ass Worship

Today, Ive decided to bless you with the view of the ass of a Goddess to worship! Ive even got some oil to rub all over my ass while you stare and stroke. Rub your hand over your cock and fuck it like you fantasize about fucking my tight little pussy.We both know that would never happen, but you can dream. Slide a hand down and squeeze your balls the same way that you want to grab my ass cheeks. Nothing ever makes you feel as good as my ass does. You always feel so enlightened after draining your balls in a session of ass worship with Goddess Amanda. So, get on your knees, get your cock hard in your hand and start praying, NOW!

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iWorship Amanda – Teasing in Yoga Pants

iWorship Amanda - Teasing in Yoga Pants

Watch as I use My tight little body to tease you. you’ve been wondering what I look like completely naked for sometime now. How perfectly round my nipples are… Are they pink? You’ve been thinking about how My tits must look with out my bra on. Or better yet, Mt nice, big, round, fat ass. Doesn’t this thong look great?? It looks so good up against My tan skin doesn’t it? I want you to stroke and I want you to keep stroking.

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Worship Amanda – Learning to Edge with Amanda

Worship Amanda - Learning to Edge with Amanda

You are the biggest disappointment a man can be, a two pump chump! You seem to be the perfect, ideal man, but I know your secret. You cum almost instantly as soon as you see me. You jerk your cock to my clips and always finish before I say to. You cant help yourself, you lose control when you see me all ready for you. But, no woman wants a man who cant last longer than 2 minutes. I guess we are just going to have to teach you control by edging until youre able to keep up with me. You want my sexy ass and long legs so badly, youre practically begging for my attention. Maybe with a little conditioning, you can be trained!

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Worship Amanda – Shots On The House

Worship Amanda - Shots On The House

You have been so devoted to me lately that I have quite the surprise for you. Youre going to need a shot glass and a plate. I want you to strip down and kneel down. Place the plate in front of you and the shot glass in the middle of the plate. I want you to start gently stroking your cock, gradually getting harder and faster as you become turned on. When your dick is convulsing on the verge of cumming, I want you to stop completely. When your cock has stopped throbbing, you can begin touching it again, while worshiping me. I want you to edge this way 3 times, each time building up more and more pleasure. When I finally allow you to cum, you will cum into the shot glass without touching it. If you fill the glass you drink. If you miss it then you will have to lick up every and every last spilled drop, as well as eating any that made it into the shot glass. If you dont clean up your mess then, I will punish you.

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Worship Amanda – Edge and Lick

Worship Amanda - Edge and Lick

Strip down completely naked and I want you kneeling in front of me with a plate placed in between our legs. I want you to edge over and over again for me. In order to show your devotion to me I am going to give you a set number of abandoned orgasms to amuse me. And every time you give me a worship puddle you will have to lick it up. If you fail to lick it up every time then there will be punishment.

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I Worship Amanda- BBC Alpha Part 1

I Worship Amanda- BBC Alpha Part 1

You enjoy it don’t you? Knowing that I like to go out and fuck men while you are sitting at home fantasizing about what I am doing with them. The best part of your night is when I come home with a pussy full of a real mans cum. The stories I have to tell only make it that much more exciting. Last night I saw how aroused you were when I brought you home that surprise in between my legs. I left out a few key details.. you’re in for a surprise. You ate an alpha black man’s cum hubby!

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