Amarna Miller – Jerking off to a bratty girl

Amarna Miller - Jerking off to a bratty girl

Amarna is not happy to be in detention. You have her there because there is a dress standard at your college and she is in violation of that standard. She knows that you like her and you have her there just because you want to be near her. Amarna knows that you have been creeping on her and you cannot deny it. Do you have a small dick? Is that what your problem is? Go on and show her what you have in your pants. Maybe you are sexually repressed. Regardless, she demands that you jerk your dick off for her as she begins to remove her inappropriate clothes. You will let her leave detention if she helps you to cum, right? Just keep stroking to sexy Amarna. You love her Spanish accent and her petite body. Imagine how it would feel sliding your dick between her ass cheeks. Your hard cock is getting quite a workout right now. Her perky tits are where she wants you to cum today. Can you manage that? She asks you to jerk off harder as she shows off her pink pussy and then she begs you to cum all over her.


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