Amber Ivy – Photo shoot turned jerk off session

Amber Ivy - Photo shoot turned jerk off session

Do you like what Amber is wearing? She never let anyone take boudoir photos of her before and she is a little nervous, but she starts posing while you snap pictures. You tell her to start removing her clothes slowly. Amber seems to be loosening up and she soon exposes her titties. You have always liked redheads. This redhead is getting turned on with you watching her and photographing her like this. She notices that you have become physically aroused. She would fuck you, but she has a boyfriend. Maybe you can jerk off to her instead. She asks you to pull out your dick and then she starts to show you all the poses she learned off the internet. Before you know it, Amber is ass up showing off her pretty pussy to you. Then she spreads her fishnet-encased legs nice and wide as she continues encouraging you through your jerk off session. You continue jacking off with one hand and taking photos with the other. Amber confesses that you make her feel very sexy as she rubs her pussy. Keep stroking until you put your seed all over pretty Amber and make sure you take a picture of that!


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Amber Ivy – A jerk off session for a porn addict

Amber Ivy - A jerk off session for a porn addict

You are addicted to porn and even Amber Ivy knows it. This sexy redhead donned her sluttiest lingerie just for you. The heels on her shoes are easily 9 inches of the thinnest stiletto. Will you take your cock out and jerk off for sexy redhead Amber? She removes her black bra and she encourages you to jack off to her. You dream about girls like Amber. There is no denying that! You have even jerked off in public restrooms because you could not wait to get home. Do you focus your attention on the head of your cock or do you prefer to work the shaft? She asks what you would do with her if you had her in real life. Would you slide yourself deep inside of her pussy? Would you go down on her sweet pussy? Did you know that she is a cum slut and that she wants every drop of cum you can give her? It is true, so hurry up and work out a fat nutt for lovely Amber Ivy. She is totally turned on because she knows you are jerking off just for her today. She begs you to cum all over her pretty pussy and she promises that she will be back for more.

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Amber Ivy – My pervy step brother plays with his dick

Amber Ivy - My pervy step brother plays with his dick

You have a rather slutty step sister named Amber. She comes into the room wearing a dress that you consider a little too provocative. Amber thinks that you should let loose and have a little fun. Have you even been with a bad girl before? Would you like to be? You are starting to get hard and seeing the tattoo on her tit really gets you going. Then Amber reveals that she is not wearing panties. She reaches over and feels your bulge and she likes what you have to offer. Will you take it out for her and masturbate? Yes, you will! Have you been with a girl with a shaved pussy? Have you ever had your cock sucked or maybe anal on the first date? Amber does everything. Everything! She decides to help you work out a big load of cum and she will not stop till she sees you jizz. Her sexy dress is on the floor now and you see her sexy body and even more tattoos. Amber is excited to coach you through this jerk off session because her only interest is in seeing you cum for her. A fat load spews forth and Amber asks you to put on your jeans so that you can go out with her tonight.

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