Goddess Amyleen Moore – Emotionless JOI

Goddess Amyleen Moore - Emotionless JOI

Look how easy it is to CONTROL YOU WITH MY BIG BOOBS! Get on your knees and beg me to worship them! That’s it, see. I can do whatever I want with you when you’re horny, you’re such a weak puppet I don’t even have to care or be nice to you to TAKE YOUR MONEY. To make things WORST/BETTER THAN USUAL, I won’t even smile to you today. I will just keep a cold and careless attitude toward you as I instruct you to stroke and TEASE YOU WITH MY AMAZING CLEAVAGE UNTIL I FINALLY MAKE YOU BEG ME TO LET YOU CUM.


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Amyleen Moore – Double Load of Cum

Amyleen Moore - Double Load of Cum

First of all. If you want to stroke your cock for me today, you gonna need a saved load of cum. Got it? Good boy. Now put the load of cum on the side and start stroking your cock to my hot tease. My nice round ass and my inviting cleavage got you so turn on, what if I let you see some more of me? Let’s make a deal!!! I’m gonna strip down to bra and panties and, in exchange, you gonna take the saved load of cum and keep it in your mouth for the rest of my masturbation instruction. It’s too late to back off. You’re too horny and really need to cum for me at this point so you know you have to do it. And guess where the second load of cum is going to go… INCLUDES: MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, GODDESS WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, BIG TITS, FEMDOM

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Goddess Amyleen Moore – Cucked On Our Honeymoon

Goddess Amyleen Moore - Cucked On Our Honeymoon

Goddess Amyleen MooreHey honey, Im having so much fun on our honeymoon. I know it was expensive but its so worth it. Do you like my honeymoon lingerie? Yes, I know how hot I look in it. And being on our honeymoon makes me kinda horny. You see I had fun at the beach looking at all the hot guys staring at me in my bikini. That made me so wet. Im ready for a night of intense sex. And I know Im turning you on with my body in this negligee, you so rarely get to see me in anything sexy.I know up until now our sex life hasnt been fantastic, but now that were married, well theres no way Im going to keep fucking you. Youre really boring and you suck in bed. Seriously. So I met the hottest beach boy today and Ive invited him up to our honeymoon suite. Yes honey, our first honeymoon night and Im going to spend it fucking another man, right in front of you. I could see his cock through his pants and it looks huge. Nothing like your little unsatisfying dick. So youre going to spend our first honeymoon night in the closet, lol. And youre going to have to listen to me scream in ecstasy all night. I know, you though I was quiet in bed, well Im not, its just that your dick never made me cum. Youre fucking useless in bed, why do you think I pull out my vibrator as soon as youre done fucking me? Im tired of using my vibrator! I cant wait to ride a huge cock tonight, Im horny just thinking about it. Fucking other men is going to be my new full time job. Thats right, youre going to support me as I stay home and fuck whoever I want. We could always get divorced but then Ill take have of your money and we both know that you cant live without me. Im all you have, youll never get another girl like me. You better just accept your place as my cuckold husband. When you hear a knock on the door, you get in the closet or you can walk out the door as you open the door for him. I honestly dont care. Im going to get fucked, fucked like I havent been in so long and Im doing it on our honeymoon! Other than paying the bills youre fucking useless. And admit it, you want to stay and hear him fuck me, dont you?

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Goddess Amyleen Moore – Finger Your Ass, Lick Your Fingers, Eat Up Your Cum

Goddess Amyleen Moore - Finger Your Ass, Lick Your Fingers, Eat Up Your Cum

Youre always jerking off for me, you cant stop. But today I want you to do something different to get yourself off. I want you to fuck yourself in the ass like a good little slut. (You can stroke if you want, I dont care, but no cumming unless I say so, an idiot like you should have your orgasms controlled at all times.) Now suck on your middle finger. Get it nice and wet so you can penetrate yourself. Suck on it like the bitch that you are. Now stuff that finger right in your asshole.

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