Ash Hollywood – Anal Cum Slut POV

Ash Hollywood - Anal Cum Slut POV

I want to train you to to be a slut for me, and that starts with exploring that little hole between your legs. I am going to guide you through an intense prostate milking session. Grab some lube and get ready to stroke while riding a toy for my amusement. Nothing feels better to an anal slut than orgasming while their hole is filled. Mistress Ash Hollywood.

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My step daughter is my office slut – Ash Hollywood

My step daughter is my office slut - Ash Hollywood

Your step daughter Ash is now working as your secretary. Her mom thinks that you would never cheat on her with your step daughter, but she could not have been more wrong. She wants to make a deal with you. Ash knows how much you want the step daughter fantasy and she wants to take a 4-hour lunch. First she will take care of you, though. She undresses from the waist up and she asks that you start playing with your cock as you look at her sexy, perky tits. Ash sits in your office chair and takes off her panties, but she leaves on her mother’s skirt. She is a dirty bitch! She invites you to get on your knees so that you can get a closer look at her hot pussy, but then she grinds her pussy on your face as you lick and suck on her clit and pussy. Ash turns around and bounces her ass right in your face. Ash wants to start her lunch break a little early and she demands that you deposit your daddy sperm right into her hungry mouth.

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