Ashley Alban – Baby Oil Feet

Ashley Alban - Baby Oil Feet

Ashley wants you to worship her feet today. If only you could rub her pretty little feet and give them a massage. Ashley squirts baby oil all over her feet and starts rubbing them herself. They look so good shiny with the oil. Ashley teases you with her toes and wrinkled soles. After she rubs the oil all over both of her feet, Ashley starts to get naughty. She tells you how much she wishes you could slide your dick between her feet. She could stroke your cock up and down, rubbing her toes and feet against your dick. When you’re throbbing, you can cum all over Ashley’s feet. After, Ashley tells you she would rub your load all over so her feet are sticky and shiny with your cum! Video includes: foot fetish, oil fetish, wrinkled soles, toe curling, dirty talk

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Ashley Alban – Sissies Wear Panties – Small Penis Humiliation

Ashley Alban - Sissies Wear Panties - Small Penis Humiliation

You like being a good sissy boy for Ashley. You do whatever she says, even if she makes you eat your own cum or be a good little sub for her. If you really want to be dominated, and you want the woman to wear the pants in the relationship, you need to wear the panties. Go find a cute pair of panties to wear while you jack off. Ashley goes through her own panty drawer to give you some ideas. You should find something really girly, like a pair of pink lacy ones Ashley has.

Now that you have your panties, put them on. Does that feel good? Do you like how the soft panties feel against your cock and balls? Now, pull your dick out and start stroking it. Ashley is going to teach you how to be a good sissy. She knows it turns you on thinking about it. When you start to get close to cumming, Ashley tells you to take off your panties. She tells you to hold them under your dick as you jack off so you can get your cum all over them like a good slut!


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Ashley Alban – No Wonder She Cheated

Ashley Alban - No Wonder She Cheated

Youre curious as to why Ashley invited you over. Shes says that she has something to tell you. She wasnt planning on telling you about this, but she decided that you should know. She says that when you were away last weekend, Ashley went to a party with her boyfriend. Do you know who she saw there? Your girlfriend. Youre surprised because your girlfriend said she stayed home last weekend. Ashley says she was surprised too because she says that your girlfriend was all over another guy. When Ashley walked over to confront her, your drunk girlfriend admits to her that you have a small dick. Ashley says thats why she decided to go out and find another guy.

As Ashley is telling you this, she realizes that you are becoming turned on. She laughs. Youre so pathetic, no wonder your girlfriend was looking for something else. Ashley is curious though. She really wants to see just how small your dick is. She asks you to pull it out to show her. It really is pathetic. Ashley says you can stroke it since youll really enjoy hearing what else your girlfriend did that night. Ashley tells you how your girlfriend sucked two big dicks that night while you stroke your little dick.


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Ashley Alban – Sex Therapist

Ashley Alban - Sex Therapist

You decide to finally see a sex therapist. You can’t stop thinking about fucking every remotely attractive woman you see. Your relationships are suffering. It’s even becoming a problem at work. This therapist has great reviews online so you decided to give it a shot. After you explain to her the problem, she tells you the answer is fairly simple: you need to release all of your tension and develop some boundaries.

She says she can help you right now, but you’ll have to follow all of her directions. She tells you to pull out your dick. You’re surprised. She urges you that it’s necessary to release your sexual tension. She will provide some visual stimulation if that will help. Before you can believe it, your therapist is stripping and your dick is rock hard. You watch her take out her big tits, shake her ass and rub her pussy. She asks you if you want to fuck her. Of course you do! She reprimands you. You can’t just fuck everyone. It’s impossible and impractical. If you find a woman attractive, think about her while you jack off. Your therapist tells you that you’re only allowed to masturbate when you see her though. So you better save up all of those dirty thoughts and loads until your next session!


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Ashley Alban – Youre Not Worthy

Ashley Alban - Youre Not Worthy

Ashley is a goddess and you are just a pathetic loser. Why are you so obsessed with her. She hates wasting her time on you, but she honestly pities you. Do you want to worship her and stroke your dick while she talks to you. Of course you do. Ashley tells you how perfect she is. She is absolutely out of your league. She has big boobs, a big ass, pretty face, sexy legs, and cute feet. Why would she ever want a guy like you?

Do you want to see her beautiful pussy? Beg for it. Ashley does show you, but only for a second. Did you really think you would get more than that? Silly boy. Ashley continues to talk you through stroking your dick, giving you brief glimpses at her perfect body while she humiliates you. Once you finish, she tells to leave quickly so she can do something much more fun.


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Ashley Albans Fetish Fun – Using Your Wallet and Your Girlfriend

Ashley Albans Fetish Fun - Using Your Wallet and Your Girlfriend

Youre back for more. Ashley loves owning your dick and your wallet. She doesnt even have to do much. She just lets you look at her legs and feet while you stroke your little dick. She finds your cock pretty cute, but she still wont give you anything more. You cum so quickly anyway, it wouldnt be worth. Ashley loves just bobbing her foot up and down until you cum, and then you buy her whatever she wants!

Ashley suddenly remembers what she wanted to tell you. Your girlfriend came over her house the other day to confront her. She was pissed that you have been spending so much money on Ashley. Ashley tells her that if shes so upset, she can just take back the shoes you bought. Ashley tells your girlfriend she has to remove the shows herself though. When she gets down on her knees, Ashely slides her foot between your girlfriends legs and starts to rub her clit. Ashley continues until your girlfriend has an intense orgasm (apparently much better than any orgasm you have given her). So now, Ashely owns both your and your girlfriend and she still gets whatever she wants. She sees you are about to cum and instructs you to cum on her wedges. Once you have cum all over them she tells you that you have to buy her a new pair now!


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Ashley Alban – Fucking Your Ass for Ashley

Ashley Alban - Fucking Your Ass for Ashley

Ashley knows how much your love ass playwith your own ass. You love fingering it and getting rimmed. Ashley thinks you should graduate to ass-fucking. Ashley wants to walk you through how to fuck your ass with a dildo. She tells you what supplies you need. To start off, you need to lube up your ass to get it ready to take a dildo. Ashley shows you what to do. She tells you to stroke your dick at the same time in order to relax and really loosen up your asshole. When youre ready, she tells you to grab your dildo and get it covered with lube. Ashley instructs you to get on all fours and stick your ass up in the air. She tells you how to slide the dildo in so it doesnt hurt. When you have it balls deep inside, Ashley tells you to sit on it and continue to stroke your dick. She fucks her own ass hard. Ashley gives you a cum countdown while you fuck your asses at the same time. Didnt you cum so much harder with your ass filled up?


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Ashley Alban – Jerk To Ashs Asshole

Ashley Alban - Jerk To Ashs Asshole

Ashley knows how much you love her asshole so she wants to give you a special treat today. She wants you to get down on your knees and worship her asshole up-close. She spreads her legs and then reaches and spreads her cheeks, giving you a perfect view of her pink asshole. She stretches her hole, fingers it and makes it gape, all while she encourages you to stroke your dick. Don’t you love cumming for Ashley’s asshole?

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Ashley Alban CEI Challenge: Part 2

Ashley Alban CEI Challenge: Part 2

Have you been a good boy this past week? Have you jacked off and saved at least five loads for Ashley? You should have an ice cube tray full of your frozen cum. Was it hard for you? Was it torture? You came so many times but you were never allowed to eat it. Since Ashley is such a wonderful Mistress, shell give you a little treat. Pop out one of the frozen cubes of your cum and put it in your mouth. Feel it melt on your tongue, filling your mouth up with cum. Isnt this fun? You get to eat a load before you even started jacking off. Trust Ashley; saving up all those loads will be worth it when you can finally have a belly full of cum.

Ashley begins to instruct you on stroking your dick and tells you exactly what to do with the remaining four loads of your frozen cum. You find yourself incredibly turned on, because youve never experienced this before. In the past, you would have to think about the taste of your cum while you masturbate. Now, you can actually taste it while you jack off, anticipating the huge fresh load you can eat when you finally ejaculate. Ashley walks you through exactly what to do in order to make you cum especially hard.


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Ashley Alban – Pimping Out My Cumslut

Ashley Alban - Pimping Out My Cumslut

Ashley is bored of you always coming over asking for jack off and cum eating instructions. Shes bored of you. Why do you like eating your own cum anyway? Are you secretly a faggot but youre too much of a pussy to actually suck a dick? Come on, Ashley knows thats what you really want. She wont judge you. But, if you want to keep eating cum all the time, Ashley decides that she needs to put you to work. She tells you that she will be your pimp, and shell send you out to suck dick for money. That way, Ashley gets paid, and you get to eat as many loads that can fit in your belly. Ashley notices you getting hard just thinking about this. She tells you to pull your cock out and start to stroke while she tells you how she will make you her hooker. She continues to encourage you to jack off. When she sees that youre close, she gives you a countdown, telling you to cum in your mouth!


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Ashley Alban – Ass Training

Ashley Alban - Ass Training

Fetish Princess Ashley Alban mind fucks you to do her bidding in her Femdom POV ‘Forced-Bi’ clips. This brunette goddess is always gorgeous as she strips out of her clothes to display her large tits, perfect legs, perfect feet, and her sexy round firm ass. Her sweet voice instructs you to follow her orders. She demonstrates how you should fuck your own ass by using a dildo on herself. Her teasing and domineering manner will mesmerize you until you are on your knees, fucking your own ass with a butt plug and jerking off and worshiping this young sexy Domme.

Ashley Alban says:
“Have you started to learn how to deepthroat? Well sucking a dick is a good start, but if you really want to please a man, you need to learn how to get fucked. And since you don’t have a pussy, you’ll have to learn how to take a dick in your ass. Ashley is here to help train your ass. Once you practice stretching it and fucking it, you be able to take a big dick deep in your ass!

First you should start with a butt plug. Lube you ass up and slide it in there. How does that feel? Do you like having something in your ass? If you want to train your ass to loosen up, you should keep your buttplug in all day. Just try not to get a boner every time you think about how your ass is filled! Once your ass has been loosened up a bit, you can try using a dildo. Lube it up and slowly slide it into your asshole. Fuck your ass, starting slowly at first, and then fucking it faster and faster. Stroke your dick at the same time as you fuck yourself, imagine getting pounded by a real dick. You’re going to be such a good anal slut now!”

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Ashley Alban – Ass Training.mp4

Ashley Alban – Twenties for Titties

Ashley Alban - Twenties for Titties

You’re sitting at a bar and you can’t help but stare at the hot girl sitting next to you wearing a tight pink dress. She sees you looking at her and confronts you about it. Do you really think you would have a chance with a girl like her? Ashley has perfect tits. You would never be able to see breasts like hers in real life unless you paid for it. And Ashley is much more expensive than a prostitute. She likes nice things and expensive dinners. If you pay for those, maybe Ashley will let you see her tits.
You’re willing to do anything for her boobs, so Ashley tells you to pull out your wallet. She takes all of your money out and counts it in front of you. She tells you it’s only good enough for a quick flash. Ashley flashes you her pretty tits. Did you like that? Maybe if you’re her sugar daddy, she’ll give you more!
Video includes: financial domination, big boobs, tit worship, humiliation Category: FINANCIAL DOMINATION Related Categories: TIT WORSHIP Keywords: boobs. financial domination, tits, breasts, findom, humiliation

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Ashley Alban – Swinger Fucks your Wallet Instead

Ashley Alban - Swinger Fucks your Wallet Instead

You are so excited to have your first encounter with a swinger couple. Your girlfriend is in the other room with another man, and you are about to fuck his hot girlfriend. She bends over and shows off her ass a bit before getting on the bed. She asks if you’re excited. Of course you are! Too bad she says. She explains that her boyfriend has a huge cock and fucks her well. She also heard from your girlfriend that your dick isn’t very big and you don’t last long in bed. If she was going to fuck anyone other than her boyfriend, he would have to be much better than you. Don’t worry though, she tells you that your girlfriend can still have fun getting fucked by a real man. Ashley will just fuck your wallet instead. You can jack off right now, but you’ll have to give Ashley whatever is in your wallet as payment.
You are actually really turned on by how she’s using you, plus thinking about your girlfriend getting fucked by another man makes you hard. You pull out your dick. Ashley listens at the wall. She tells you that your girlfriend must be getting pounded in the next room since she is screaming in pleasure. Ashley sees your staring at her legs and shoes. Do you like feet? Well, that’s all she is going to show you so you better like them. Ashley bounces her crossed leg up and down while she talks to you about using you for your money. When she sees you get close, she gives you a countdown and tells you to cum all over her shoe and you do. After, she tells you that you need to buy her a new pair of shoes since you ruined these ones. But, since you finished so quickly, you can go spy of your girlfriend getting fucked! Category: FINANCIAL DOMINATION Related Categories: FOOT FETISH, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION. CROSSED LEGS FETISH, CUCKOLDING Keywords: ashley alban, cuckold, sph, legs, feet, shoes, foot, findom, femdom, joi, encouragement

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Ashley Alban – Don’t Be A Pussy

Ashley Alban - Don't Be A Pussy

You love watching CEI porn videos, but whenever it gets to the point when you’re supposed to actually taste your cum, yo1 always chicken out. Why are you such a pussy? You clearly want to taste it. That’s why you watch these videos and your dick gets so hard when you think about your load in your mouth. Ashley wants to ensure you actually taste your cum this time.

She begins to strip and tease you while encouraging you to stroke your dick. Ashley instructs you to get into a position on your back so that when you get close to cumming, you can lift your hips up above your head to cum straight in your mouth. You can’t pussy out if you cum directly in your mouth. And if you do, Ashley is going to make you pay for it. So, are you finally going to taste your load?

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