Ashley Sinclair – Dildo Collection vs Your Small Dick

Ashley Sinclair - Dildo Collection vs Your Small Dick

Ashley compares your tiny pathetic cock to her dildo collection. As you can see, you can never measure up! You will never have a girl like Ashley Sincalir because you just aren’t man enough to be honest. Any girl can honestly just go to the “toy store” and buy a big long thick cock to fuck herself with. Even if you had a girlfriend she would secretly have a big dildo hidden to pleasure herself with because you just don’t have the right equipment. ALL GIRLS LOVE BIG DICK… don’t let them tell you otherwise. Its a lie. Its ONLY so you won’t be embarrassed. Ashley fucks each dildo right in front of you and compares it to what your whimpy cock would look like and feel like inside her. There really isn’t even a comparison.


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Ashley Sinclair – Daughter Mistress

Ashley Sinclair - Daughter Mistress

Your mistress’ daughter found you tied up in the basement. You knew she had a daughter, and it looks just like her…. only younger and sexier. Ashley has just found out about her mother’s little fetish of keeping cum slaves tied up on the garage. Now it is her turn to find out how fun this will be. How many milkings can you take? How much over stimulation torture to your cock will it handle? Only one way to find out!

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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair – Strip Tease And Denial For Suckers

Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Strip Tease And Denial For Suckers

I’m going to dance and show off and tease you and I want you to pull your cock out and start slowly stroking it. But don’t cum unless I tell you to, ok?

Watch me dance and strip completely naked to some hot tunes! I’m gonna shake my ass and do some of my sexiest moves for you while you stroke. I know just how to make that cock throb. I’m such a tease! And I know you’re a sucker for my perfect, naked body.

I know you’re rock hard by now after watching me dance, strip and get naked. I told you, you could stroke but that doesn’t mean you get to cum. It must really suck to watch a hot girl dance naked for you while you jerk and then not be able to cum. Well that’s kinda your situation right now. You get to watch me and get really, really hard, you even get to jerk your cock. You should consider yourself so lucky even though I don’t think I’m going to let you cum. I just want to get you hard and make you feel really good and then just deny you, completely. I’m gonna leave you with blue balls. It’s gonna suck but I don’t really care. If fact, I think it’s funny. You’re just going to watch this and get so hard and get so close, and then just stop.

Stroke it again loser. Now stop. LOL! You’re so easy. Kinda drives you crazy, doesn’t it? You want to cum so bad, but I’m going to deny you that privilege. And you know it’s a privilege to be able to cum to my naked body. No cumming for you today. Stop stroking!

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Bratty Ashley Sinclair – Cuckold BBC Gangbang

Your wife is supposed to be over at a friends house visiting but she comes home and confesses that she and her friend went to a night club instead. The worst/best part is she was dancing all over a bunch of black guys and grinding her ass on their enormous cocks. She wants to be honest with you so she tells you how she went out to their car and ultimately home with 3 hung BBC and let them gang bang her. Of course she liked it. SHE LOVED IT. She can tell you love it too and that you are hard…. so she lets you jerk off and gives you JOI while she tells you all about her evening getting fucked by superior black cocks!

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Ashley Sinclair – Forced Bi from a Nurse

Ashley Sinclair - Forced Bi from a Nurse

Ashley Sinclair is one of the webs top crossover models – she does both Vanilla and fetish clips. She is going to mesmerize you with her natural tits, great ass and luscious legs. She is dressed in a fetish nurse costume that shows off her cleavage, ass and hot legs in stockings in this POV style Forced-bi fantasy clip. She shows off her own ass as she describes how a male nurse is going to fuck you in the ass. No Nudity No Sex

“You have been admitted to the clinic with sexy nursing students. You received an anal injury (from getting fucked in the ass) and you have to be treated. You don’t want anyone to know you took a cock up your butt, yet you have to explain it all to nurse Ashley. She has a smirk on her face and tells you that her relief nurse in 30 minutes is a big homo who is going to love reading the notes on your chart. Haha… and when he gets him alone, she thinks you will probably be taking another one up the ass. She bends over and shows you how it will all go down. Haha.”

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Ashley Sinclair – Anal Tease

Ashley Sinclair - Anal Tease

Ashley Sinclair is one of the webs top crossover models – she does both Vanilla and fetish clips. She is going to mesmerize you with her great ass and luscious legs. She is laying on her bed nude and fingers her asshole in this POV style Ass Worship clip.

“You want to worship her ass so bad you can taste it. She is a little anal tease. She tells you exactly what she wants you to do back there while teasing her asshole with a finger. Slightly putting it in and letting you worship her ass. Smell it, lick it, taste it. It is your job now.”

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Ashley Sinclair – You’re My Cuckold

Ashley Sinclair - You're My Cuckold

You watch your wife taking his dick and how she loves it! Now it is your turn and she is all stretched out from his big cock…. she can barely feel you. You can tell she isn’t into it ,but so that your feelings aren’t hurt she tries to “act” like it is satisfactory. Finally she can’t take it anymore and tells you that you can just jack off to her legs and feet. After all, it was your idea to be a cuck!

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Ashley Sinclair – Military Cuckold

Ashley Sinclair - Military Cuckold

You have been deployed and your sexy wife Ashley Sinclair is back in the U.S. all alone. Luckily for her, your best friend isn’t being called to active duty this time around and he promised you that he would be around if Ashley needed anything. THEN, you get this video tape from Ashley in the mail. She explains that it has been too long since she has had sex and your best friend volunteered to fill in for you. (Even though it has only been a few weeks). He is a really good friend for doing that for you by the way! Ashley shows you how much his big cock stretched her out. She hopes it tightens back up before you come back so she can actually feel you. Oh, and because he did such a good job and helped you out…. Ashley thinks you should pay for them to go to Hawaii on vacation She promises next time to send you a video of them actually fucking so you can see how much pleasure she is having!

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Ashley Sinclair – Marine Deployment Cuckolding

Ashley Sinclair - Marine Deployment Cuckolding

You have been deployed and look forward to the videos your pretty young wife sends to you. But you weren’t expecting this one. She reveals in this video that she has been kind of lonely and that your best friend back home has been “keeping her company”. She goes into more details in the video and you can’t understand if you like it or are humiliated. She deserves a big thick cock while you are gone doesn’t she? The extra money you send home is nice too. Wonder if she spends it on him?

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Ashley Sinclair – Jerking & Cuckolding Ex-Boyfriend

Ashley Sinclair - Jerking & Cuckolding Ex-Boyfriend

You used to be Ashley’s boyfriend. She broke up with you because after cuckolding with you so long, she found that she really shouldn’t be with you at all. She keeps you in her apartment still….. tied up (for her amusement.) She brings her boyfriends over and fucks them right in front of you. This clip is a POV of her as she gets ready to go on a date. You lay there tied up watching and listening to her humiliate you about how she is going to bring him back and fuck him in the room next to the room you are in. She goes ahead and “Takes care of you” before she leaves for her date so you wont be beating off while she fucks him later. There, now don’t you feel better?

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Ashley Sinclair – Hospital Cuckold

Ashley Sinclair - Hospital Cuckold

You and your date were walking home from night clubbing when the guys you were walking with beat your ass and left you in a ditch so they could fuck your girl. So now you are in the hospital and your girl has finally showed up (a day later) to see if you are ok. After they beat your ass, she felt like she should go with them so they didnt hurt her too. She enjoyed them taking turns fucking her all night and day and tells you all about how macho and manly they were and how they fucked her good. She lost her panties so she doesn’t have any on under her sexy club dress (she hasnt changed yet.) She spreads her legs and shows you all the positions they used their thick meaty cocks on her. Hope you recover fast, or she is going back over there to fuck them again!

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Ashley Sinclair – Honeymoon Cuckold Tease

Ashley Sinclair - Honeymoon Cuckold Tease

You are on your honeymoon and your wife hasn’t had sex yet. She has told you how it will be when you guys get married. So she thinks the first time she has sex as a married woman is with her BBC friend John. Doesn’t she looks sexy? You need to get used to this, because you are going to hear him slamming her and throwing her around giving her the best sex ever on her honeymoon. After all, she did suck his big dick right before the wedding!

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