Bratty Bunny – Mind Fuck Dominance

Bratty Bunny - Mind Fuck Dominance

I’m not going to need a slow steady introduction for today. Just straight into it. Straight mind fucking domination over your little weak brain. Fast and powerful, so you don’t know what hit you until it’s too late. Straight to the core of your mind, I take all control over. Easily. I manipulate you with my powerful words and you listen. Stare into my perfect eyes. They are no match for you. You loose all control when you see me. Give it all up quickly for me.

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Bratty Bunny – Mindless Drooling Edging Stoner Loser For Bunny

Bratty Bunny - Mindless Drooling Edging Stoner Loser For Bunny

Bratty Bunny I know what you’re doing. What? You thought you could hide it from me? And I also know that you’re just sitting there, mindless jerking off because it feels so good when you’re high and stupid. I’ll bet you’ve been edging your cock for hours. You just get fucked up and jerkoff all day and all night. You have nothing better to do. What a sad, pathetic existence. All you can think about is how good your cock feels as you edge for me for hours. And you do this night after night after night. You are soooo pathetic. All you do is jerkoff and edge. You become so pliable, so easy to manipulate. You’re a waste, a loser. You’re going to watch this clip as you edge over and over again. This is the most perfect clip for you ever. It combines all of your favorite activities. You really are worthless. Go on, take another hit, hold it in… jerk your cock… and let it out. And you’re going to do that so many more times with me tonight. It’s a vicious cycle. You just love being teased by a hot little brat. Edging, getting humiliated that’s all you do. Stupid. Pathetic. Truly. You really are an idiot. I hate you. You’re just a loser I’m going to manipulate. You can’t stop. Just edge, and edge, and edge. You’re just lost in jerkland. Just keep edging for me loser.

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Bratty Bunny – You’re a Loser

Bratty Bunny - You're a Loser

Mike’s a fucking loser. And he can’t get enough of my ass. He always comes back for more. Loving it. This is his 7th custom clip with me. He clearly has an addiction to me and my perfect round ass. He tried to kick the addiction but that never works. Even with a girlfriend, he comes back to me. Someone is a stupid little loser in love with this GODDESS. I’m going to tell him how to jerk it for more and moan my name out loud. See? I have control over every man.

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Bratty Bunny – Extreme Goddess Worship

Bratty Bunny - Extreme Goddess Worship

Bow Down. That’s where you belong to worship such a supreme being. You will worship your goddess like nothing else. You will have nothing else, be nothing else, except a little slave worshiper. A place where you will find to be like a trance. A new found religion to say your mantra every day. To praise my name GODDESS BUNNY while you stay down on your knees and look up to this divine High Priestess. You are nothing without me slave. Find your purpose in life to be under me.

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Bratty Bunny – Edging Dick Spit

Bratty Bunny - Edging Dick Spit

Do as I say, edge and spit on your dick to edge more. You’ll follow along like a good boy as I tease you a lot with my hot tight body. I know why you are here little man. You need me, you need to obey me. You must get naked when I demand it. Keep spitting on your dick for me. Beat your meat you hand humper. That’s what you are. I’ll give you a countdown. Tease you more. Stop and going, never knowing which countdown will make you cum!

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Bratty Bunny (barely) working a cock (through pants)! “Hot Alpha Couple”

Bratty Bunny (barely) working a cock (through pants)! "Hot Alpha Couple"

We’re so hot. It’s natural we’re dominate over little losers like you. He’s got a really nice cock. Not like your ugly small dick. You’re a measly little bitch, you belong under us. You’re a beta weak male. It turns you on to see such a hot alpha couple, teasing you. Flaunting off our sexiness. It just shows you your place in this world. Down on your knees, with nobody. Look how drippy I make his dick just caressing it. We need to go fuck now, bye loser!

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Bratty Bunny – Seducing You with my Lips

Bratty Bunny - Seducing You with my Lips

You’re an unscrupulous therapist who wants me to leave my gf for you. After my refusal, you break down my implied resistance until I at last succumb to a touchless orgasm countdown. Your victory is assured b/c we already covered my turn-ons in earlier sessions: (1) beautiful women who speak in an intimate, ASMR-like style (2) Women skilled in slow, sensual lip-licking (LOTS of this, please). You might also lick your nails or a pen, or blow me kisses, as you sweetly tease me about my efforts to resist. NO humiliation, but lots of erotic control. Tell me throughout the clip to repeat phrases like ‘I love Bratty Bunny’ ‘Bratty Bunny makes me cum’ etc. Stress the inequality of the battle: ‘You don’t stand a chance, honey, men always do what I want.’ etc

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Bratty Bunny – If you Cum, You PAY! JOI GAMES

Bratty Bunny - If you Cum, You PAY! JOI GAMES

Do you want to play with me today? Play my games? I bet that you will cum. I’ll tease you, and tease you more in my sexy little outfit and thigh high black boots…. and then you can try holding back that cum, as I tell you to stroke harder and faster for me. Telling you to cum over and over while showing off my hot tight body. Here’s the deal, If you cum, you owe me $100. I think you should get that tribute button ready now! Let’s play, can you hold back and not cum and not have to ‘owe’ me anything? Play my games you horny little freak!

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Bratty Bunny – Ruin You

Bratty Bunny - Ruin You

That’s it. I’m going to ruin you. I’ll ruin that orgasm because that dick belongs to me. I’m in control and you always have to do what I say. I’ll let you touch that cock of yours but only under my rules, my command. You will have to listen to what I want. This isn’t about what you want. You will sacrifice that orgasm for me.

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