Bratty Bunny Ice Cube Cum Control

Bratty Bunny Ice Cube Cum Control

You always pussy out of eating your cum. Once you cum, that excitement is over for you. You go back to being boring you. So, You’ll be cumming in this clip. But then waiting again so you can get hard for me and stroke soon after. Of course by the title you can guess what I want you to do in order for you to keep stroking and eat that cum of yours!

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Bratty Bunny – Black Nylon

Bratty Bunny - Black Nylon

You’ve been waiting for this one! Black nylon thigh highs around my sexy little feet. You wish you could have them in your face and down your throat don’t you? Look at my pretty little peds, nice and petite. Freshly pedicured. Want to suck on them? Lick them? This is as close as you will get!

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Bratty Bunny – Forced Ass to Mouth

Bratty Bunny - Forced Ass to Mouth

Forcing you to do things that you don’t want is my favorite! Do it bitch, do what I say. Follow my lead, I’ll bring you through the action of taking something up the ass. Riding it slowly, all lubed up and sitting right on it. It’s easy to do when I tell you to do it. Whether you like it or not, I’m forcing you to do it! Open that asshole and that mouth of yours for me, slut.

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Bratty Bunny – Forced into a Faggot

Bratty Bunny - Forced into a Faggot

You heard right. You are going to be a little FAG for me. I’m going to break you down and f0rce you into a cock sucker. You can deny liking cock all you want, I don’t care. You’re going to be a faggot for me. Forced into sucking, loving dick in your face. Loving cock in your ass. Ohhh right, you don’t like that, keep denying it. You are going to do it. It’s so funny how easy it is to turn you into a little bitch cock sucker!

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Bratty Bunny – Butt Slave to Black mini Skirt

Bratty Bunny - Butt Slave to Black mini Skirt

It’s time to get down on all fours and crawl over to me. Then beg for me to sit on your face you little butt slave. Get down and worship it. What you would give to be my very own ass slave. To be cleaning it, kissing it, worshiping it. Would you give up everything to do that slave? I know so. You little butt slut, inhale my scent and beg to serve my bubble butt. My powerful booty takes over your mind completely.

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