Bratty Chicks – Try It ..See If Your Gay

Bratty Chicks - Try It ..See If Your Gay

I am your sister .. I call you in my room t talk.. i have a big grin on my face.. I tell you that i saw you with your friend last night and it sounded to me like something was going on in your bedroom besides friendly guy stuff…. Am I right? Hmm… well I don’t believe you so I went on your computer and found the porn… The GAY porn… Are you get brother? Well Being such a loving sister i am I will help you figure it out… I saved something from my boyfriend last night and i think i=by trying it .. You will really no if you are gay or straight… Are you scared to taste his cum because you know you will love it.. Come, on I will help you.

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Bratty Chicks – Deep Asshole Cleaning

Bratty Chicks - Deep Asshole Cleaning

My lucky slave has a yummy deep cleaning job today.. I haven’t showered all day and I worked out leaving my sweat and stink all in my asshole and crack.. Just for you.. My perfect pink asshole needs an extreme deep cleaning.. you will be licking inside and out of every inch and crevice …. I will be giving you instructions on just how to stick your face deep in my asshole and to suck and lick it shiny and spotless.

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