Bratty Jamie – You Belong To Me

Bratty Jamie - You Belong To Me

After you cum you wonder why are you here? Why can’t you have a normal relationship with your wife/ gf? Well I am here to explain it to you or well show you. This is a head to toe worship clip while I give you jerk off instructions. You see you wouldnt have to be here if well your wife of girlfriend was giving you everything you needed or well looked as good as I do. Now your cum belongs to me, you belong to me!

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Bratty Jamie – Moms De Stress Secret

Bratty Jamie - Moms De Stress Secret

It is nap time in this household as I get my bed ready and lay down there you are standing in my room my son saying he can’t sleep. You haven’t been able to sleep for days because of stress. Well Mommy needs a nap so she lets you in of her secret the best way to de stress is to masturbate. It frees your mind and completely relaxes you and her let me help you with your first time.

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Bratty Jamie – Toys And Poppers

Bratty Jamie - Toys And Poppers

Bratty Jamie says:
“Its 2013 and this is the year you will please me and be under my total control. I know some of you need that extra encouragement to fuck your own ass. So here it is open up that bottle and sniff. I will guide you through how exactly I want you to fuck yourself. I am dressed uber sexy in this romper that shows off my perfect curves and even my hot camel toe you know for that extra encouragement.”

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Bratty Jamie – Red Lips And Topless

Bratty Jamie - Red Lips And Topless

I know it is going to be more than you can handle but I tease you with my red lips and cleavage.. Then about after a minute I loose the bra making your boner stand at attention for me like never before.. Come worship these perfect lips and my all natural boobs.. This is a short clip but I know you will be ready to blow before the cum countdown!

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