Brittany Marie – Boyfriend Material

Brittany Marie - Boyfriend Material

You are seriously like the best boyfriend ever! Always taking Me and My friends out, carrying My books to class, and paying for My stuff! You’re just too sweet! However, you’re just My friend. You know a boy that’s a friend, not an actually boyfriend in a romantic type of way. I mean look at you, then look at Me. Like I would ever date someone like you, I belong with the quarterback, not the geek. The bright side of it though is you still get to hang out with Me and you’re fine with that 🙂


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Brittany Marie – A Relaxing Spa Day Facial

Brittany Marie - A Relaxing Spa Day Facial

I’ve noticed that you have been rather stressed lately. So to help alleviate some of that, I take you on a sensual journey at the “spa”. There is no verbal humiliation in this video. Just a nice, slow jerk off instruction as if you were at the spa and what better way to end your relaxing day, then with a nice creamy facial and a little snack.


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Princess Brittany Marie – You’re ALL Alone On Valentine’s Day AGAIN Loser! [Femdom]

Princess Brittany Marie - You're ALL Alone On Valentine's Day AGAIN Loser! [Femdom]

Princess Brittany Marie is a young sexy college coed who will tease and mindfuck you with her natural tits, great ass and perfect legs and feet. In this POV style Financial Domination clip she tease you in her red slink lingerie and high heels. No Nudity No Sex

“Look at you, planning to be home alone for yet another Valentine’s Day! What a LOSER! Lucky for you, you have ME to watch. I’m better than any girl you would EVER get in real life anyways. That’s why you are going to spoil ME this Valentine’s Day, as I’m the best thing going on in your pathetic life right now. It gets you off turning your wallet inside out just to make MY Valentine’s Day 1000X better than you could ever imagine yours being. Spoil ME at my Amazon Wish List loser!.”

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