Carli Banks – your WIFE needs BIG DICKS!!!

Carli Banks - your WIFE needs BIG DICKS!!!

All your friends think you’re SOOOO lucky, married to one of the hottest girls in the world, CARLI BANKS. Too bad she’s a CUCKOLDING SIZE QUEEN, and only the BIGGEST cocks can make her cum!! Your spoiled, mean wife has no use for “sissyfaggots” with “little itty bitty dicks”, except to pay her bills, run her baths, shop for her, etc etc. You’ll NEVER be good enough or BIG enough! So stand there drooling as your gorgeous wife prepares herself for a REAL MAN. “Uuugh. Get away! Don’t even LOOK at me!!…” She tells you about how much BIGGER and BETTER LOOKING this guy is, what he does to her when you’re jacking off at home like an impotent loser. See her perfect titties, wanker husband? The ones YOU keep buying expensive bras for? “He likes to oil them up and fuck the SHIT OUT OF THEM!” KISS HER INCREDIBLE ASS and say “I’m sorry I have such a pathetic cock, PRINCESS!” Soon you’re kissing the WALL too, and doing any number of demented, humiliating things to please your incredibly hot, bitchy wife! You’re not a man, you’re just her silly cuckold slave, a source of amusement and money. “Stare at my feet while you jackoff, loserboy!! 20…. 19….” She turns up the humiliation and teases you to an intense cuckiegasm, and continues to assault you. Lots of orders, lots of instructions, and GENEROUS helpings of humiliation for the sad, pathetic cuckold loserboy with his widdle dick in his hand! It’s the price you have to pay for having a small dick and HOT WIFE, you worthless sissy. “Have fun ALL BY YOURSELF, loserboy…. And don’t forget to FLUSH!!” LOL! We were gonna call this clip “Sissy Cuckie’s COUNTDOWN!” but I thought the current title sums it up nicely. Don’t you agree, you short dicked LOSER?

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Carli Banks has some HARD news for you, jerkoff. You’re DUMPED! You didn’t think it would last, did you? A girl like CARLI with a loser like you? LOL! Get real, shorty! And Carli’s gonna dump you in the most vicious, humiliating way possible. First she’s going to embarrass you by telling you how she laughs about you with her girlfriends, and how they all know she RULES you! “I see the way other guys boss you around, you dickless wimp!” Carli also has NO respect for your whiny, needy, effeminate ass. Yuck! You’re the OPPOSITE of the men Carli needs to fuck senseless. And she’s been fucking a REAL man behind your back, you cuckolded fool! “All those times I wouldn’t let you touch me… all those lonely nights with you and your hand while I was out FUCKING someone else!” Carli knows you’re just a pussyboy who lives to worship her, someone not good enough to lick her shoes, and she ENJOYS inflicting MAXIMUM pain to pathetic pansy boys when she dumps them! “I like breaking their hearts and humiliating them”. She makes you drool and admire her sexy outfit, knowing it’s the “last time YOU’LL be seeing it!” She tells you how you’re not the first wimp she’s done this to, how she ensnares useless weak loners and makes them fall head over heels for her. “I’ve got a whole bunch of devoted loserboys!!” She makes you whip out the tiny dick that couldn’t satisfy her, as she unveils more of her heartless plot to destroy you. No, you’re not going to touch her with it, of course! “All YOU get to do is WANK for me, like all the other idiots I dump. Right in front of me, one last time! LOL!!” Carli then simply TORTURES you like nothing you’ve ever experienced, SLOWLY showing you her hot, NAKED body, COMPLETELY, for the FIRST and FINAL time!! Will She let you touch Her, maybe as a parting gift? Something to remember and JERK over for the rest of your heartbroken life? Not likely, jackass! All she’s going to do is torment and torture you out of your mind, and leave you SCARRED and with Her image engraved on your throbbing heart and boner forever! She ruthlessly mocks your tiny penis, as she extinguishes any hope you ever had of being with her. She makes you tell her how much you LOVE her, and repeat other humiliating chants, while you stroke like stooge. THEN… she’s got a couple of NASTY surprises for you! By the end of this mind-numbing tease and denial, you’ll be willing to do ANYTHING for Carli! Suffice to say it’s gonna be an expensive and MESSY breakup, loser! So open your mouth like a weakling, cross your eyes, and get ready for the DUMPING of your life! LOL!!

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