Ceara Lynch – Kinky Sister

Ceara Lynch - Kinky Sister

My perverted little brother has been snooping around my room again while I’m at school. That creep is always looking for my dirty panties to sniff, but since I did my laundry yesterday all he found were a sexy latex outfit and a pair of handcuffs. I confront the little jerkoff, but seeing my handcuffs swinging back and forth has you immediately hard. The bulge in your shorts grows the closer I get to you. I can tell how turned on you are by your very own sister, so I decide to teach you a lesson for going through my stuff. I put the cuffs on him and tie him down. If you want to sniff my panties so much then here you go, bro. I sit on his face and let him breathe my fresh pussy and taint through my panties. And you thought you were the kinky sibling.


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Ceara Lynch – Sneaker Sniffer

Ceara Lynch - Sneaker Sniffer

You know what happens to bare feet after running 15-20 miles a week without socks? Now’s your chance to FINALLY know how smelly and sweaty my feet get when come back from a run. To get a taste of what it would be like to be my foot slave. I’ve had these running shoes for only a few months, but have already worn them out. But, I know they aren’t completely useless because I’m certain one of my foot fans would pay top dollar to stroke their cocks with their nose buried into my sweaty insole. Go on, indulge your twisted foot-licking toe-sucking fantasy by sniffing my sweaty sneakers while you jerk-off!


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Ceara Lynch – Paper Crumple Revisited

Ceara Lynch - Paper Crumple Revisited

Yes, naturally this is a custom clip. Who the fuck has a paper crumpling fetish? Apparently this 19-year-old loser named Kevin. He paid good money to watch me tear out sheets of paper and crumple them in front of his face – for the 2nd time! That’s pretty bizarre even in my world. It’s not even a category on clips4sale. But its not a total loss; he also gets off on being humiliated for being a fat fucking loser who’s never kissed a girl. Sound familiar? I guess you’re not all that different after all. I’d love to crush this bitch the same way I crush these papers, then spit in his stupid face.

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Ceara Lynch – Bimbo Brain Wash

Ceara Lynch - Bimbo Brain Wash

I find it so fun to brainwash men into doing the funniest, ridiculous, and most humiliating things while under my control. Im mesmerizing to them and can use my powers of to get just about anything I want. But what I really like doing is making my mindless servants do my bidding for me. This might include trying on my clothes, bras, panties, high heels, but also means sucking cock for me too. Ill make you train your mouth and throat with my big black dildo. Keep you in chastity so I dont have to look at your pathetic attempts of an erection. You might think you are doing all this to show your love for me, but really Im going to convince you that you are nothing more than a faggot sissy boy and you absolutely enjoy serving as my brainwashed bimbo.

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Cum at your sisters feet – Ceara Lynch

Cum at your sisters feet - Ceara Lynch

This morning, your sis wakes you up jumping on your bed because she wants to tell you that yesterday, when you came out of the shower, she noticed you have a very small penis. She feels very sorry for you and as she knows you dont have any girlfriend and you like feet (she looked at your internet browsing history), she offers you the opportunity of cuming in front of hers. She wants you to stroke your little cock while she wiggles her sweaty toes in front of your face. She usually wears her converse without socks wich make her feet stink a lot during summer. Of course you get aroused by them, and of course you’re gonna cum, but not before she orders you to do it.

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Ceara Lynch – Big Black Cock Comparison Humiliation

Ceara Lynch - Big Black Cock Comparison Humiliation

Ceara Lynch is here today to check out your cock, and she can’t believe how tiny it is! What a waste of time. Your just a scrawny little white boy. I bet you never get chicks! It’s reminds me of this little cock dildo I have right here. It’s the size of a pinky finger. EWWW what is a girl going to do with a little cock like this? See this big black cock here? This is the size of my boyfriends. He is huge! He makes you look like the little tiny cock loser you are. ha ha Look at that comparison! ha ha The only thing you’ll get is me teasing you and humiliating you. Come closer loser, come lick this big black cock. Mmm tastes good doesn’t it? ha ha Now get out that small cock and jerk it off for me. I’m going to give you a cum count down, LOSER! ha

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Ceara Lynch – Big Black Cock Comparison Humiliation.mp4


Ceara Lynch – Edge With Me

Ceara Lynch - Edge With Me

You are there, so close, at the very edge, teetering, just about to release yourself, push yourself over, until I pull you back. You arent ready yet. I am in control of your cock and you will listen to my every command until I say you can push yourself over the edge and cum. You see, Ive learned that men are complete wusses when it comes to sexual stamina. All they care about is just getting off, but Im going to push you, force you to learn the power of proper stroking and edging yourself by my command. Just when you can feel that first glob of jizz about to shoot, Ill pull you back only to start teasing you again over and over until that dick is red and blue pulsing in pain, crying for release

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Ceara Lynch – Satin Cravings

Ceara Lynch - Satin Cravings

People crave so many things: food, alcohol, love… satin! There’s nothing more sexual than rubbing your hands over a smooth silky satin crotch. The thin luxurious fabric is the only material separating my hot pussy from your horny grabby hands. The only thoughts running through your head is stroking my soft slippery panties and imagining it as the soft walls of my dripping wet pussy.

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Ceara Lynch – Perverted Landlord

Ceara Lynch - Perverted Landlord

This would be mostly close ups of your gorgeous face, dark, evil make up. The lip licking is such a turn on so please add often. when shooting scene with cage for best effect place the camera inside and have it zoomed on face. Loose script idea: i am your perverted landlord who has a crush on you and knows your a dominatrix and has been spying, watching you and getting my rocks off from drilling a hole in your bathroom wall and watching you ect…. when i come to collect the rent you invite me in and blow a knockout powder in my face….i fade out and next your our tapping on cage you have me locked in trying to wake me. you tell me you discovered what i have been doing and now it’s time to pay…..since i enjoyed watching on the toilet you will make me your obedient eating slave for life…….since i am trying to resist your reach into cage and inject your needle into my neck, this drug will make me totally subservient to you forever…..through clip make me profess how much i love princess ceara…princess ceara is my goddess….i love ceara with all my heart…it would be a honor and a privilege to eat you my queen… make me beg…go into great detail how at the snap of your fingers i will assume the position and beg for it and how you will commence to in my mouth….eat and slave………..maybe you could press your ass on top of cage telling me to open wide and eat my …..maybe spit into cage……then you take my out of cage have me sign everything i own, the apartment complex, all my money over to my evil mistress and owner…..you tell me how i now must pay with my life for being pervert and spying on you….you take out knife, lick it and kiss it ready to for your mistress and owner slave……….then slowly cut the dick from the balls on dildo…..now as you slowly bleed to d.eath i will into your mouth one last time….open…..eat my slave…..bleed to d.eath and while you taste my …..then with camera back in cage i am fading fast, make me thank you for the pleasure of being your slave….spit on me as i before you…. you tell me no one fucks with Princess Ceara and gets away with it….i will bury you just like this, in a cage, castrated with my all over you….and owning all you had….bye bye slave, blow kiss goodbye…..

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Ceara Lynch – What Are Big Sisters For?

Ceara Lynch - What Are Big Sisters For?

It is crazy how my cute little bro has grown into a horny pervert. I caught the little fucker stealing my panties and told him he wouldnt even know what to do with them. Hes just a stupid boy that has been using them to sniff and jerk-off to. I bet his tiny balls havent even dropped yet! I guess since he doesnt have a big bro to show him how to be a man, that its up to his bossy bratty sis to teach him to grow-up. I make my bro pull down his pants and show me how he masturbates. It looked like he was twirling a noodle between his fingers. Hes got a lot of growing up to do, but luckily he has me to help. After all, what are big s1ster’s for?

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Ceara Lynch – Sweat Induced Blue Balls

Ceara Lynch  - Sweat Induced Blue Balls

Boys can be so gross, and my pervy little brother is proof of that. On my way out to the gym, I caught my brother digging around my gym bag and smelling my rank clothes from my last workout. I tie up that little stinker to a chair naked while I go to the gym and think about what to do with that sick fuck. I could tell mom & dad, but I don’t want to out him as panty-sniffing freak. I decide that if he loves the smell of my filthy things then I’ll just make him my sweat slave. I come home after 2 hours at the gym. My bro’s cock shoots straight up the moment he sees the sweat glistening on my cleavage. I begin to shove my smelly pits in his face, force him to sniff my shoes, eat my socks, and take a deep whiff of my hot sweaty ass. The little pervert is gushing precum, more than the amount of sweating I did during my workout. Unfortunately, his workout is just starting. Now that I got him all sweaty and aroused, I decide to hit the showers and leave him to work-out a solution to getting untied and working out his swollen and dripping cock muscle.

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Ceara Lynch – Lollipops and Thongs

Ceara Lynch - Lollipops and Thongs

“Time to be teased, little boy. I stand above you in a short skirt, wearing a tight little thong underneath. You are nothing but a helpless fool, drooling like a freak and jerking to my command. I know you can’t resist me as I lick on a cherry lollipop and seduce you with my body and words. My tease and denial show leaves you helpless and weak. You’ll be nothing but a slave by the time I’m done with you.”

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Ceara Lynch – Blasphemy

Ceara Lynch - Blasphemy

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy, Spirit, AND the divine GODDESS CEARA! What kind of faggot man worships another guy? Wasting all your time reading the same damn book over and over again, claiming how the way of the Lord will allow your miserable soul into the kingdom of Heaven. Yeah FUCKING right! All you stupid Christians are sinners for Im the light that your dark soul won’t fear, that feeds your demons with the lusty pornographic debauchery you crave. These egotistical men you call God are selfish and tell you not to JO or fuck because it is wrong. Well, I say it RIGHT for a man to spread his seed. So instead of taking the Body of Christ up your ass, join me The Panty-Christ, and Satan, and other sadists like you, and FUCK JESUS instead!”

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Ceara Lynch – Your Brain On Porn

Ceara Lynch - Your Brain On Porn

What makes a great Humiliatrix is knowing how my slaves’ minds work and what fuels their addiction to be under my control. I do a lot of research and studying the science that drives the kinky mechanics of a man’s brain, especially by reading a lot of articles from yourbrainonporn.com. It is hilarious how men secretly desire to be humiliated and tormented by woman. I could make you play with yourself for hours and I would never have to give you anything. The fact is, you mindless fucks are so seduced by my pretty face, sultry voice, and perfect body, that you don’t even care what I do to you as long as I give you my attention. This is just evidential proof that men belong at my FEET!

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Ceara Lynch – You spit when I spit

Ceara Lynch - You spit when I spit

I dont have all the time in the world to go around spitting on every little bitch who begs for it, so Im making this easier on everyone and presenting you with my interactive spitting clip. It’s very simple, grab a cup and follow along – you spit when I spit. Once the glass is full and your mind is warped by my cruel words and dangerously gorgeous face, you dump the saliva all over your face. Smearing it everywhere and enjoying the hot sticky mess of it all. Soaking in pure humiliation.

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