Chastity Lynn – It’s Not Gay Because I’m Forcing You

Chastity Lynn - It's Not Gay Because I'm Forcing You

Chastity LynnI know you love staring at a hot girl like me. But you know what turns you on even more? Cock. Thats what you want. You wish you could just admit to yourself and the world that you love sucking cock. But youre way too embarrassed, so you pretend to be a man, you act like you want pussy. Or some of you like it forced. If a hot girl tells you to suck cock, then somehow it becomes ok. Because you didnt really want to do it. Yea right. You jerkoff night after night to gay porn, wishing you had the balls to be gay. But for now, youre satisfied with hot girl like me, telling you to choke on that dick. And thats what I want you to do. I want you to give in to your dirty fantasies. I want you to go suck some big anonymous cock and suck it right down your nasty little throat. And thats not gay because its what Im telling you to do. Its what I want. It turns me on that I can get you to anything. But the truth is, that you want it. We both know youre not a real man. Youre a fairy, a fag. Straight guys dont jerkoff to gay porn. Straight guys cant be coaxed by a hot girl to suck cock. But I think its hot that you want to take cock up your ass for me. I cant wait to watch you suck cock for me and degrade yourself for me. Just let go and give in to your desires. Remember, its not gay if a hot girl is telling you to do it, and who better than Chastity Lynn to turn you into the cocksucker that you really are. Ill bet your cock is rock hard right now just thinking about it. Imagine what will be like when youre doing it for real for me. And even though the thought might disgust you a bit, that humiliation will just make you hornier. Youll see that nothing compares to being on your knees with a big cock in your mouth. Ill teach you to cum, just by sucking dick. I want you to go suck a dick and admit to yourself what you really are. Cock turns me on and I know it turns you on as well. Youre going to give in to it soon. Youre so close..

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Princess Chastity Lynn – One Load Isn’t Enough For You

Princess Chastity Lynn - One Load Isn't Enough For You

Hey losers, today you’re going to need three things, a dildo, a condom and a pin. Now before we begin, I want you to get your dick nice and hard. Jerk it for me. Then I want you to put that condom on while you jerk and I want you to cum for me. Cum right into that condom and fill it up. Milk out every last drop. Here’s the tricky part. I want you to take the cum filled condom and carefully put it on your dildo. Try not to spill any, idiot.

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