Divine Goddess Jessica – Fitness Ballbuster

Divine Goddess Jessica - Fitness Ballbuster

I’m your wife’s personal trainer and we’ve grown quite close. So close that she’s told me about all of your marital issues and they are all YOUR problems. You need to treat your wife better and I am here to enforce that. Some swift kicks to the nuts will help, squeezing them till they pop might too. I’m here for revenge. I’m here to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.


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Divine Goddess Jessica – Beat Your Meat- CBT JOI

Divine Goddess Jessica - Beat Your Meat- CBT JOI

Hi idiot. Back again of course, how silly of you to think you wouldn’t come crawling back like the pathetic loser you are for some more abuse from me! If you want to cum, you’ll have to mutilate your cock with the following tools: tweezers, a shoe lace or string, a wooden spoon, a rubber band and a belt. Will I let you cum? Tease you and deny you? Make you eat it? Ruin your orgasm? The only thing you know for certain is that you’ll be in a world of pain… and pleasure!


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BBC Brainwashed by Lindsey Leigh and Goddess Jessica

BBC Brainwashed by Lindsey Leigh and Goddess Jessica

Your sensual seductresses are back and ready to rewire you. Get naked and on your knees. Take a couple of deep breaths in, you’re going to need them. It is no secret you have been experimenting with your sexuality. It all began so innocently with porn, watching another man pleasure a hot woman. Then you began to envy these men, you couldn’t seem to get a woman to orgasm. Your jealousy consumed you until you met us. We gave you purpose. If you can’t please a woman then your cock is useless and you may as well just be a hole for a real man. Clip after clip, brainwash after brainwash it finally sank in. You love cock. Though we have gotten you this far, its time to push you over the edge with big black cock. Listen, focus and jerk off to these huge throbbing cocks while your superior goddesses get into your head and reprogram!


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Divine Goddess Jessica – Vintage Stockings Own You: Send Me More!

Divine Goddess Jessica - Vintage Stockings Own You: Send Me More!

I have a slave who lovessssss how I look in vintage stockings. He first fell in love with me four years ago when he saw a photo of me in stockings and garters and peep toe pumps. He’s been sending me vintage stockings ever since and buying custom clips. I wear the stockings for a few days and then send them back to him. My legs look so sexy in any stockings, in any shoes, in any outfit. It’s an honor to stroke for me and to admire this body. (no countdown in this clip)


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Divine Goddess Jessica – No Remorse

Divine Goddess Jessica - No Remorse

I don’t feel bad about using you like a tool. You want to be used, I am your destiny. I’m the best thing that has every happened to you and there is nothing you could ever replace me with. If you had it your way and if there was enough of me to go around, you’d sell everything you own, divorce your wife and serve me forever. Isn’t that your dream?


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Divine Goddess Jessica – Foot Freak Fuck Up

Divine Goddess Jessica - Foot Freak Fuck Up

One of my slaves is girl crazy… but he’s not getting any girls. He’s got a fianc, a “side chick” and a dominatrix. Do you really think he’s getting laid by ANY of them? Naaaa. The fianc doesn’t care about him, the side chick just teases him with her feet and leaves him with blue balls, and I’m here to verbally degrade him. I’ve instructed him to watch this clip when his fianc is out of town and right after the side chick leaves him with blue balls. When all the women in his life have abandoned his dick, I’ll be here to tell him how to stroke it. He’ll be all sorts of wasted and I’ll have him sniffing on top of that. He’s a loser, he’ll always be a nobody. To add insult to injury, I wear a super hot outfit but I don’t let him see, all I offer is my wrinkled soles! Just wait until future wife finds out about the email he’s sent me!

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Heavenly Leg Worship

Divine Goddess Jessica - Heavenly Leg Worship

The scene takes place in Jessica’s bathroom near a tub. She begins the clip walking around and posing her legs in high heels not saying much. She then tells you that you will be worshipping her legs today. She instructs you to stroke your cock while you worship, constantly talking about how amazing her legs and feet are throughout the clip. She keeps her shoes on for the first half and then takes them off and teases you with her feet. She does not offer a countdown at the end, but she does tell you to cum when she snaps her fingers at the end of the cip.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Goddess Jessica Jerker

Divine Goddess Jessica - Goddess Jessica Jerker

How does it feel to ache for someone so intensely, knowing you could never have them? It must you to stroke for me, you love me so much! No matter how painful it is, or how frustrating, you can’t resist my clips. You can’t resist obeying my jerk off instructions. Even though I toy with your dick and your emotions, you keep coming back like a beaten puppy…

Beautiful Divine Goddess Jessica is lying on the bed in her lingerie. She teases you, dirty talking and giving you the jerk off instructions with cum command at the end. She shows her legs, feet and ass, playing with her breasts.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Masturbation Fasting For Goddess Jessica

Divine Goddess Jessica - Masturbation Fasting For Goddess Jessica

You’ll go a whole week without masturbating just so you can orgasm to the end of this clip, but until those seven days are over, you’ll have to turn it off halfway through. You’ll do it because I said so. Have you ever experienced mental clarity and internal chaos at the same time?

Goddess Jessica gives you jerk of instructions while showing her ass, legs and tits. Erotic talk leading to explosive orgasm.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Resistance Is Futile

Divine Goddess Jessica - Resistance Is Futile

Look at me Look at me Don’t look away It’s easy to get lost in my eyes It’s easy to fall deeper for me Back here slave, into my eyes I said Why are you resisting? You’re only making this harder on yourself Are you afraid? One little orgasm won’t hurt Just relax Relax Let it happen (you have no choice)

Divine Goddess Jessica hypnotizes you and gives you powerfull jerk off instructions with the explosion at the end of the clip. Hot body, soft, sensual voice and sexy scenario. She shows her body and beautiful face.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – You Want These Vintage Stockings

Divine Goddess Jessica - You Want These Vintage Stockings

You’re sooooo obsessed with the perfect vision of Goddess Jessica in stockings. You love vintage stockings especially! Every time I order you to buy me a pair, you DO it. You could watch me run my hands up and down my toned legs all day long. I bet you even want these very nylon stockings, don’t you? Can you even imagine holding something that has touched my skin?

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Enhancing Your Addiction

Divine Goddess Jessica - Enhancing Your Addiction

“Performance Enhancing Drugs, a lecture and practicum by the internet’s premier sexual psychotherapist. Today I’ll be discussing the use of substances to elevate performance in your #1 hobby, serving me. Drugs lubricate the brain and body’s systems that make you subservient, therefore you should apply them liberally. I’ll start with a brief history of addiction, reflecting on it’s role in human evolution and the consequences that has for the modern day brain. Next I’ll explain each drug, it’s effects and how this benefits us both. After giving you an intermission to partake in your drug(s) of choice, I’ll lead you into a masturbation journey. I’m so happy to be growing and enhancing addictions, delighting in the strength of the neural bridge between your pleasure and ME.”

This is a JOI video. Goddess Jessica sitting on a couch, wearing black pants, a black top and a black blazer. She talks about different drugs and their potential uses for turning you into her slave, she wants you to masturbate for her. She orders you to use some of those drugs, for brain-conditioning. At the end of the video she forces to jerk-off faster. She stands up, removes her blazer, and turns around, bending over a little. She teases with her ass, giving a 10-second cum countdown, demanding you to finish on it.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Tricked By Sock Job Offer ft Lindsey Leigh

Divine Goddess Jessica - Tricked By Sock Job Offer ft Lindsey Leigh

You both come back from shopping all day your both wearing jeans and boots or sneakers and all white socks when you come home after spending all my money you make fun of my sock fetish you both take off your shoes showing you white socks that are sweaty and dirty you shove your feet in my face and tell me to smell them and wish i were getting a sockjob from you but it would never happen I could just smell them and jerkoff only at the end give me a cum countdown until I cum all over your socked feet.

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