Divine Goddess Jessica – Caged Sock Slave

Divine Goddess Jessica - Caged Sock Slave

After being out all night with the girls I come home to give my weary feet a rest. You watch me glide into the room and remove my boots, taunting you in your cage. You know you are worthless scum and you belong in that cage! Since you have nothing else to jerk off to while you sit alone, bored out of your mind in my room all day with absolutely no stimulation, it only takes the slightest bit of convincing to make you develop a new fetish. If I tease you with my feet and socks, I bet you’ll get a foot fetish! You have no porn to jerk off to, so get used to stroking to my sweaty socks, it’s all I’m offering you and masturbating is your sole form of entertainment these days. Beggars can’t be choosers…

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Evolving Into Cum Eating Losers

Divine Goddess Jessica - Evolving Into Cum Eating Losers

It’s only a matter of time before the world is run by women. All through history women have been running the show in the background, letting men believe they have things under control. There is no man too powerful to be seduced by a woman. We could end you all at will. Even now it’s evident that women are rising to power. Consider facials. The majority of porn is geared towards men, an orgasm always ends up all over a woman’s face, look how the tables are turning. I’ve made so many men shoot a load in their own face that I’ve lost count, it’s all you perverts want to do! Suddenly no one is jerking it to bukkakes, they want to make their own show! Pretty soon every household will be run by a woman, commanding a male servant around by his cock. Show me the money shot!

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Convincing You to Cum in Your Mouth

Divine Goddess Jessica - Convincing You to Cum in Your Mouth

You’re my guy friend and we’re just hanging out talking at my place. I’m pretty sexually open and I suddenly bring up cum eating. Have you ever done it? At first you’re embarrassed but I seem pretty unfazed by it. It’s not a big deal. I tell you that it would be SO hot if you ate your cum and suddenly, fantasies of potentially fucking me float into your mind. If I think it’s hot, you will be more than happy to do it! You offer to do it right in front of me and I am thrilled, I even encourage you to jerk off and tease you. Finally you cum, just as I tell you to, with your legs over your head and dick dangling over your mouth. You gulp down every drop and then I lay into you about what a sick, weak fuck you are. Get out of my god damn apartment, Jizz Breath!

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Caged and Cuckolded

Divine Goddess Jessica - Caged and Cuckolded

Soon after divorcing you I started seeing someone. Tonight was the first night that I brought him into our home and into our bed that we shared for so many years. He, being the alpha stud that he is, kicked your sorry ass right out of our bed and had you sleep on the couch while he pleasured me for hours. It’s morning now and you’ve come to bring me coffee. You ask me how my night was with hesitation and I take the opportunity to GUSH to you about how fantastic “Sir” is in bed. Yes, Sir, that’s what you’ll be calling him from now on. We have some plans for you by the way…

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Divine Goddess Jessica Cum Craving Anal Addict

Divine Goddess Jessica Cum Craving Anal Addict

This clip is intended for all you slutty anal whores out there. This is your chance to show to world what a cum loving butt slut you are! Dirty, nasty, horny butt sluts like you like to show off your skills, so here is your chance! You will be coaxed into submitting not only your dignity, but your pride as well. Be prepared and follow every last instruction. This is the best chance you ever have of being famous.
You will need a recording device, a dildo and a chair.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Interactive Skype Blackmail

Divine Goddess Jessica - Interactive Skype Blackmail

You want me to blackmail you bad. You’re always desperatly begging me to manipulate you into giving me your information. Be careful what you wish for! I came armed with a hot new bikini and a sexy new hair color. Seeing my toned, glowing body before you will make you stupid enough to actually go through with it for once! Of course, it helps that I’ll be right there on skype encouraging your ruin the entire time… BONUS- this clip contains my skype ID You should practice being homeless for a little while before watching this, just in case. Unless of course you’re strong enough to hold back, which you totally are, right?

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Sexy Hosiery Compilation

Divine Goddess Jessica - Sexy Hosiery Compilation

Nothing gets you hotter than me rocking a sexy pair of nylons. Thigh highs, nylons, fish net, body stocking, you name it, I’ve got it. You’ll be on the verge of explosion as you watch me tease you in 6 different outfits. I’ll be sure to keep you on the edge, I’m ALWAYS in control of that cock! The way you beg for release and act like a fool delights me. You’re always at my mercy when your dick is in your hands and at my mercy is just how I like you.

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Divine Goddess Jessica – You’ll Never Leave Me

Divine Goddess Jessica - You'll Never Leave M

You feel yourself slipping into a deep slave coma, the continuous loss of control is really getting to you, really scaring you. You come to me to tell me it’s over, you don’t want to be my slave anymore. You’re DONE. …but it’s not over. Not until I say. I’m standing in front of you in all of my glory, sun streaming into the room and casting a beautiful glow on my face. You can’t help but notice that I look like an angel as I gently remind you who’s in control here, slipping out of my dress and revealing my gorgeous body. Suddenly your worries melt away, you kneel before me, awestruck. You admire my glossy full lips, my sparkling eyes, blonde hair, tan legs, perky breasts, round ass, muscular thighs. It’s impossible not to drift away as I coax you into submission, effortlessly putting you right back in your place. Before you know it you’re telling me over and over that you’re my slave, you’re stroking away and trying your hardest to hold off an orgasm. All you want is to linger in front of me, in this perfect moment for eternity. *This clip features no induction *You MUST wear headphones for this clip to be effective*

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Divine Goddess Jessica – Sensual Silhouette Tease – Glamour Nude

Divine Goddess Jessica - Sensual Silhouette Tease - Glamour Nude

Beautiful Femdom Divine Goddess Jessica does an erotic strip tease in this sensually erotic artsy Glamour Nude clip. You never clearly see her full on naked, only her silhouette in front of her window. There is no talking in this clip, only mesmerizing music set to binaural beats. Subliminal audio effects. No sex Implied nudity.

“This clip is slow, it’s sensual, it’s a total mind melter. Study my curves as I swing my perfect body around in front of you. The sunlight pouring through the window onto my skin accentuates my muscle tone and confirms your suspicions of my 100% perfect body. I’ll remove all of my clothes and give you the tiniest taste of what you’re missing out on, leaving you wishing you could run your tongue down my body just once in your life. The outline of my naked body is more than enough to drive you wild. There is no dialogue in this clip, just some binaural beats to accentuate your high.”

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Goddess Jessica – BBC White Goddess Worship

Goddess Jessica - BBC White Goddess Worship

I represent all white women. White women are out of white boys’ league.
White men are not real men, but wimpy, little boys.
Black men are real, strong, masculine men and they are the only ones who are deserving.
I will condition you to embrace your inferiority.
Step aside and allow a new and better race to prevail.


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Goddess Jessica – Shane Diesel Is Your God

Goddess Jessica - Shane Diesel Is Your God

You watched so many of my BBC videos that you became obsessed with a particularly well hung stud.
You’ve been scouring the net, pouring over images of Shane Diesel’s veiny, glorious, monster cock.
You are amazed at its sheer size and tremendous girth! Your tiny white tiny isn’t even 1/3 of that freak of a cock!
There is no denying that he’s your new fetish, your Master. Stroke while you admire him, while I encourage you. If you’re a TRUE fan, you’ll follow him on twitter to make sure you NEVER miss a dick pic.


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Goddess Jessica – This Could Be You

Goddess Jessica - This Could Be You

This could be you… Michael G. from Germany. This is an actual emial I got from him, “My name is Michael G. I am a 30 year old loser from Germany. I would like to be humiliated and exposed because I am a pathetic loser who has no real friends and was always rejected by good looking girls in the past. Not only because I have a small dick, but also because I have no self confidence and don’t know how to start a conversation with women. Thats why beautiful and smart girls like you don’t give any attention to losers like me or even laugh behind my back about me. They feel in seconds if somebody is a loser or a real man, that’s how natural selection works! I will never have sex with somebody like you in my whole life, no matter how hard I try. The only thing I can do is jerk off to your videos. I have no real friends for the same reason and will be lonely for the rest of my life. I have a girlfriend but we didn’t have sex for about 8 months already. I am pretty sure that she is cheating on me at work. So that’s why I am a pathetic loser and everybody out there needs to know it! “Do you know the saddest part about this? Some men only want to feel pathetic when they are horny and feeling subby. They actually PRETEND to be pathetic like Michael, pretend to have a tiny cock, but the difference is that after they cum they can go back to being a normal male! hahaha


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