Madam Violet – The Pleasure is All Mine

Madam Violet - The Pleasure is All Mine

Sometimes slave, you need reminding powerfully and intensely that our relationship is all about ME. Everything I say and do to you is for MY benefit, My short term gratification or longterm goals. If I allow you to stroke or cum it is for a reason, and your gratification is NOT it. My pleasure is going to be in DENYING you. Teasing you so mercilessly, My nude silky pantyhose, red thong, red bra, legs spread wide. As I stroke My PUSSY, I stroke your pussy-mind, WIDER for Me. Repeatedly triggered deeper by countdowns and snaps, triggered harder and hornier, your hands on your thighs FORBIDDEN to stroke as your cock DRIPS and your mind GAPES. I want you on your knees, now. I want you insane with desperation. When I squeeze My tits you can stroke, when I LET GO so do you. Mere seconds of pleasure that blends into torture. I am so seductive and alluring it hurts, but you want MORE. SNAPped deeper, HARDER, over and OVER, when you think you cannot take anymore, there IS more. How do you feel slave? I don’t care! I can tell you I feel though! So very WET knowing how DENIED you are. Stroking My pussy, squeezing My tits, FUCKING your mind, making your pleasure DEPENDANT on Mine, making you FEEL agony the ecstasy the gratitude. Leaving you a DRIPPING dribbling mess on the floor. The pleasure is ALL Mine slave : ) Contains: , countdowns, finger snaps, tease and denial, pussy worship, mindfuck, conditioning, slave training, orgasm denial, tit, ass & leg worship.


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Goddess Madam Violet – Deeper Than you Know

Goddess Madam Violet - Deeper Than you Know

Multilayered hypn0t1c techniques, seduction, trickery, conditioning, mind fuckery, My beautiful smile and TITS. Perfect, luscious breasts. Let Me tell you a secret slave, you are in far DEEPER than you realise. Partly because you are in denial, mainly because My psychological reprogramming is INSIDIOUS. EVERY single word that has ever come from My perfect lips has SHAPED your brain, without you truly understanding the ramifications. But don’t worry I will explain them to you. After I’ve fucked around with your mind using a myriad of clinical techniques veiled with heavy SEDUCTION, studded spine tingling snaps, I systematically break you down into My automaton, SO empty minded, so HARD to think clearly as I TEASE My luscious tits. Using the trigger word ‘Dumb’ and the SNAP of My finger I DRAIN your brain of coherent thoughts, My beauty, the POWER in My eyes too much. Soon you are stroking your cock because I want you so AROUSED, you know how DUMB being hard makes you, this way you won’t resist when I explain how irreversibly addicted you are. It simply makes you HARDER, knowing there is No escape, knowing the damage has already been done. Lose yourself in My JUICY breasts as I squeeze and caress them, do not listen to your imbedded COMMANDS, do not think about how ironic it is that as I tell you of your predicament I am reinforcing the very programming which got you here! I know you want to CUM. I know you NEED to CUM now slave but I have other plans. Before I bring you out of trance I leave you with a delicious post hypn0t1c command – delayed instant arousal. Oh yes, you WILL cum, but NOT now, your orgasm is not the point, your predicament is : ) Contains: , countdown, finger snaps, trigger words, NLP, confusion, visual , future pacing, brainwashing, psychological programming, layered tracks. Tit worship, tease, denial, orgasm control, post trance orgasm command.


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Madam Violet – Waking Trance Seduction

Madam Violet - Waking Trance Seduction

To serve Me correctly by bettering oneself in the art of hip no sis is a requirement. Your training should be ongoing and practicing the art of waking trance is a crucial part of it. A waking trance often feels very different to closing your eyes and listening to an mp3. You are obviously more focussed and more aware, able to move around and perform actions. This does not mean the trance is not as POWERFUL, it is simply different. When your eyes are open you have to be able to go with the flow, to learn to observe yourself from a place of objective passivity. As long as you allow something to CAPTURE your attention, to GRIP your fascination you WILL enter a waking trance. Even the most analytical can LOSE themselves in a movie, or in a really good book, and ANYONE would FALL INTO TRANCE staring at Me talk. I make it SO EASY with My shiny red LIPS, My long RED, nails, the mesh bra, entirely see-though except for sequin hearts over My NIPPLES. THOSE EYES, as you feel them grip onto your soul, that SMILE that arouses and TERRIFIES you in equal measure.I will guide you into an waking trance, I will show you how easy it is for Me to hold you steady in My gaze, as I slowly DISMANTLE your mind with My words. I take full ADVANTAGE of your suggestible state; you are a constant work in progress for Me. You watch, and listen, feeling fully present, but ALTERED , disjointed, so very FASCINATED hearing the words, wondering what Im saying, coming up to the surface, only to SLIDE back DOWN again even DEEPER than before. To come to and realise so much time has passed in what feels like minutes. Whilst under I give you a post hip not ic trigger so that next time I want you in a waking trance, aroused and obedient, I simply need to say two words : )This session should be a staple in all of My slaves collections. You can and should train with this video many times, and every time you do you will strengthen the trigger, making you even better than before. Good boy.

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Madam Violet – 5 Day Cock Control – DAY 1

Madam Violet - 5 Day Cock Control - DAY 1

This is day 1 of your 5 day cock control challenge. For the next five days you, and your cock are working for ME; starting from the moment you watch this clip you will NOT stroke your cock, have sex or orgasm unless I tell you to. In this session, as I explain in detail what Im going to do to you, you may kneel, you may get your cock out, but you may NOT touch it. Not today, I will allow you to stroke your BALLS for ME, but thats all. I will give you a taste of the torturous teasing, the intense mind fucking and the devious torment that I have in store for you over the next five days. By the end of this week you will be a dribbling, drooling wreck of a man : ) Sofondle your balls with growing trepidation. I know how HARD it is, when you WANT something to be told you cant have it, it makes you WANT it even MORE.Devour My hot ass, My long legs, My thigh high boots and hold-ups My incredible breasts, eyes, and seductive smileand watch your cock as it twitches and jumps, BEGGING you to stroke it. But you wontfor the next five days your cock is MINE entirely. Are you ready slave, are you ready to give Me the Power, to give Me the control? Of course you are – like you have a choice. Contains: Tease and denial, cock control, body worship, slave training, subliminal images, Thigh high boots, thong, ass worship, leg worship, cock control.

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Madam Violet – 5 Day Cock Control – DAY 5

Madam Violet - 5 Day Cock Control - DAY 5

DAY 5! Sit back, and relax as this is going to take a while, its already been 5 days, why rush right? Even though I promised you could cum, Im not really sure now, lets see how I feel at the end, shall we?!Naturally, and oh so professionally I lead you into an obedient hip notic state. So mesmerised by My beauty; in My long, slinky dress, with My STUNNINGLY perfect hourglass shape you are incredibly easy to manipulate, you’ve most likely been in a HORNY perpetual stat of trance for 5 days now – so VERY suggestible. Imbedded commands and the SLEEP trigger pull you under, a 10 second countdown deepener pushes you down even further, and those DELICIOUS finger snaps flood you with pleasure, bolts of desire and arousal shooing through your body. When fully under My control I begin the seduction, slowly slipping out of My elegant dress, to reveal nothing but a THONG and hight heels..its the final long kiss goodnight. As you stroke your cock any way YOU choose, you will worship My body. My long LEGS, My hot ASS, My perfect TITS, My Goddess pussy; you will kiss and lick that screen like it is MY skin, you will THANK My ass and tits and pussy for the way they make you feel, and you will BEG them permission to RELEASE. Captivated, addicted, and oh SO WEAK I have you just where I want you; BRAINWASHED and on the edge. Speaking of edges, as I display My body for your torture you will EDGE FIVE times, in honour of O/our five days, and must I point out, that if you fail to edge five clear times, or you cum without permission, you have FAILED the 5 day challenge and must START AGAIN from the very beginning of day 1.Whether or not you get to RELEASE the pressure in those HEAVY swollen balls, well, theres only one way to find out.but you can be sure the programming will be VERY effective, every atom of your being DESPERATE for ONE thing, that SWEET release of pleasure – I will use this heightened hyper-state of arousal to imbed SO many commands, and BELIEFS that no matter what happens, no matter how far you run, your cock is Mine, forever. Contains:Hip nosis, induction, deepener, finger snaps. Leg, tit and ass worship. Brainwashing, mental programming, edging, some layered voice tracks, subliminal commands, binaural tones, and music which encourage the kind of mood I wantslight dread, mixed with intense highs

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Madam Violet – 5 Day Cock Control – DAY 3

Madam Violet - 5 Day Cock Control - DAY 3

Are you ready for DAY 3? This is going to HURT, this is going to hurt BAD. Or it’s gonna hurt good, depending on your perspective.This time you will kneel naked, and I will put you into trance using the trigger SLEEP and finger snaps. your subconscious will be Mine, but you will remain fully aware the whole time. Most of this video involves mental torture, a slow build up of insanely INTENSE desire for Me, for My body, for My words. Slowly bit by bit revealing My stunning tits, getting you to beg for more. Im going to fuck you up; you will have to watch Me knead, stroke, squeeze My big breasts, whilst your hands are behind your back. youll have to watch as I slowly gyrate, stroking My hot body as your cock jumps and twitches for Me, your hands, helpless behind your back.Oh you are going to want to stroke SO bad! You will be beside yourself, CRAZY with the desire to beat that dick. But you will NOT, you cant you MUST obey Me. Littering My words with hypnotic double-binds. you will be able to do NOTHING but get more and MORE aroused. Briefly you are allowed to stroke, but only as you watch the whole screen fill with My tits, My hard aroused nipples as I make Myself even WETTER by playing with them. As soon as I stop so must you. By the end of this you will be floating in rivers of pre-cum, your body is not your own, neither is your mind. Post hypnotic trigger ensure that you remain in this DAZED, AROUSED, mindless state until tomorrow. But when your mind slows and becomes still and quiet, and your balls are fully and achey, you will ask yourself WHAT is happening to me?, and you will hear My voice, loud and clear; I AM.

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Madam Violet – 5 Day Cock Control – DAY 2

Madam Violet - 5 Day Cock Control - DAY 2

Are you ready for the second day of My cock control challenge? Silly question. Tonight, once you are comfortable, and naked, I will be placing you into a trance. I will use My pendant, eye fixation and eye closure techniques to bring about a rapid induction. When you are under My spell the fun can begin. you WILL get to stroke your cock slave, but only briefly, and only when I say. Getting you to stop and start as I please, revelling in your torment. I tell you that My finger is your cock, and in your highly suggestive state you believe itit feels like Im sucking your dick, doesnt it slave, the tip of My finger flicking the glistening tip of your hard cock. Mmmmm. you like that dont you, do you want to stroke for Me, is your cock crying out for Me, being forced to stare at My perfect nipples through My sheer lingerie, does it hurt? GOOD. Thats the way I like it, when you are HORNY, when you ACHE when you can get NO RELEASE, thats the only time you can ever be attractive to Me. Weak, suggestive, submissive, obedient, and desperate, I can crush you with one snap of My finger. When you would literally do anything to cum for Me, I finish the session with post hyp triggers; obsessive thoughts about Me all night and all day, raging, constant boner, you will be counting down the seconds until you can kneel before Me and stroke again. For the next 4 days, your cock is 100% MINE.Contains: eye fixation induction, use of pendulum, finger snaps, post commands, sheer lingerie, breast worship, thighhigh boots, tease and denial.

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Goddess Madam Violet – Mindfuck Body Worship

Goddess Madam Violet - Mindfuck Body Worship

Mastering the art of body worship is crucial if you wish to serve Me. I LOVE to have My delicious body worshipped and desired. Lucky for you, you serve a TRUE Goddess, sheer PERFECTION from head to toe. Whatever your fetish, whatever gets you HARD I have the MOST delicious version of it, face, eyes, lips, breasts, fingers, legs, ass, feet. The ultimate in Sexual Female power begins and ends with Me, I am PURE Goddess incarnate.Assume the correct position, naked and kneeling, and STROKE your dick. Worship Me from head to toe, lose yourself in My body as My seductive words breakdown your mind; you are so addicted to Me, and the way My body makes you feel, you will accept on a deep level everything I tell you. No question. Every inch of Me is a component in your destruction, and My mind-fucking words slide in so easily when youre hard and LOST in My perfect body. Lose yourself. My Agent Provocateur lingerie, elegant, expensive, deliciously arousing. Stroke, worship, lust, desire, but you will NOT cum. This is all about Me, snd the sacred ritual of body worship. I want you to edge into oblivion as I tease, torment, seductively taunt, My words twisting into your heart, leaving a deep dark scar on your mindContains: NLP, trance language, embedded commands and mind manipulation. Edging, tease and denial, Body worship, Feet, heels, naked breasts, lingerie, legs, ass.

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Madam Violet – Irresistible

Madam Violet - Irresistible

Do you think you can resist My Hypnotic Persuasion…? Do you think you can steel yourself against My subversive manipulation and neural conditioning…? We both know the answer to that don’t we…but let’s see how you do anyway. Plus, I do LOVE it when My PREY puts up a fight…

I am going to talk, you are going to listen, and you are going to resist every word I say…try to at least…

No direct induction, that would be foolish when you’re trying so hard to resist My words…no, this one is sly, indirect….using hypnotic double binds, I will turn your own resistance against you…you will have no idea what is happening to you until it is too late.

Resist Me slave, I dare you, resist all you want, I will still brainwash you, ever so effectively, still take you down deep into trance, as you are mesmerized by My stunning Beauty and natural Dominance…before you are even aware you have lost the battle, you will be cumming for Me, your mind pulsing out of your cock as you seal your fate…

Indirect induction, binaural tones, brainwashing, mind control, tease and denial, cum countdown.

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Madam Violet – Lets Pretend

Madam Violet - Lets Pretend

Let’s pretend that you can resist Me, let’s pretend that you’re the only man with a cock who can ignore the effects I have on his body and mind. That’s the game, it’s easy. All you have to do is resist going into trance. I mean you are in full control of your mind aren’t you? I’m not that powerful, not if you’re trying your very HARDEST to resist? Of course My sweet words and mind melting STUNNING body will have you CONFUSED and distracted in no time at all. The double binds, the innocent suggestions, careful placement of phrases and the constant arousing beauty of My body as I move around the bed will have you DEEP under My Hypnotic Power quicker than you can say DROP. The more you concentrate on resisting the easier it is to slip My commands deep into your brain. Smoothly, seductively and with great finesse I continue to play the game, “of course you can resist Me! Just ignore that feeling of deep PLEASURE SPREADING, just ignore your HARD COCK, but if you DO happen to NOTICE it you will TRIGGER an inevitable drop, but you can still resist the urge to drop deep into trance…” Classic Feminine manipulation, like Eve and Adam, I persuade to stroke – it’s not cheating, it won’t make you FALL even DEEPER, of course it’s not hard to make you stroke…and soon you are MINE utterly. The point forgotten, the need to CUM everything. I take you to the edge, I want you ready to EXPLODE, any second now… But that would be too simple. Instead I wake you up. Bring you back into the room, and then I say the trigger word I implanted moments before and you cum instantly, all over yourself, uncontrollably, but of COURSE, you can resist Me, SLAVE! Contains: indirect trance, double binds, hypnotic suggestion, countdown, manipulation, NLP, seduction, JOI, tease and denial, trigger implantation.

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Madam Violet – The Path

Madam Violet - The Path

I want you LIE back and relax to this one slave, all you have to do is listen and I’m going to tell you a story. That’s all hypnosis is really, stories that elicit emotions and trigger reactions. In this story I take you on a walk along a path, A beautiful sandy path that curves down and down towards the sea. I guide you down and down this path, using the story to deepen your trance. Causing you to feel the warmth of that sun, the gentle breeze on your skin, and still you walk down and down. So peaceful here, leaving everything behind, travelling down and down to to a secluded cove, the sound of the sea getting closer, your muscles are tired now, you feet hot you want to just LET GO. Continuing the story deepens this wonderful feeling, deepens the trance. Soon you’re naked and basking in the glorious warm sun, feeling the warmth ALL over your body, you begin to stroke, and it feels AMAZING. No one here, just you, legs spread beating your cock in absolute ecstasy… Until before you, your Goddess appears, perfect in Her nakedness. Turning something inside of you to liquid…I have plans with your mouth, I want to fuck your mouth. Straddling you I ride you hard and deep, My juices running down your throat your body bucking beneath Mine as you struggle to breathe, GOD you’ve NEVER felt so ALIVE. Stroking your swollen cock so close to cumming, I take you to the edge and remove Myself from your body and ORDER you to stare into My eyes as you cum, as you LOSE all CONTROL and CUM all over your body, all over your chest, hopefully your face. SPRAY yourself with that salty cum slave, BASK in the sticky manifestation of you complete lack of control…good boy 🙂 Contains: guided visualization, trance, imagery, embedded commands, oral sex, cum countdown

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Madam Violet – Don’t Stop

Madam Violet - Don't Stop

When you see Me wearing boots its a clear indication of My mood, and your fate. I feel mean, cruel, vindictive, I feel like a Queen Bitch and I want make you CRY. In this hypnotic training session I want you to trust Me. Despite being conditioned to slip under at just the sound of My voice, I take My time pulling you DOWN. Accessing and widening your unconscious mind in a myriad of ways. Using your powerful imagination and a technique similar to My suggestibility test I PERSUADE you that your hands are magnetized and that they are UNCONTROLLABLY moving towards one another, of course they do, and as they do My power over you and your trust in Me increases. When your hands come together, STUCK hard and fast ,your trance will deepen yet again, and as I allow your hands to come unstuck your drop even DEEPER than before. This experience of losing control of your body, your hands, your own free will, it will serve you well as we go deeper into My Realm. As you PUMP your COCK and I flaunt My body in your face I’m continually feeding your mind with My Perfect Conditioning, always making you into a better slave. I increases the pleasure in your cock and body by using triggers and the snap of My finger, making sure that as your PLEASURE builds you would do ANYTHING to ensure its completion. Driving you CLOSER to the edge with My insanely HOT body, My PERFECT ass, JUICY tits, LONG legs there is no going back and you are compelled to OBEY. Your hands belong to Me, they pump your cock for ME, they WILL do as I say, make no mistake. As you cum, you will OBEY your Hypnotic Instruction, follow My commands, deep in trance there is no other option. I’m not telling you exactly what is, that is for you to find out. But don’t be scared slave! Lucky for you these boots are not thigh-high, they’re only ankle boots which means I’m only half-Bitch 🙂 Trust in Me, and cum play with Me. Contains: trance induction, visualization, double binds, deepeners, programming, embedded commands and triggers, post hypnotic suggestions, fingers snaps, triggers, layered track, binaural beats, masturbation instruction, edging, cum countdown. PERFECT tits, ass, legs, face, GODDESS.

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Madam Violet – Complete Cock Control – Her First Hypno Video!

Madam Violet - Complete Cock Control - Her First Hypno Video!

Yes, that’s correct. My first hypnotic video. A treat for all those who have been training hard with the 10 Stations of Servitude….

Lucky, lucky slave. WATCH, listen and obey as I remind you who OWNS your cock. Yes slave, you get to watch your BEAUTIFUL Goddess as I seductively, lead you down into that special place of pleasure, of focus, of perfect trance.

Having progressed halfway through the 10 Stations, you are ready to experience trance with your eyes open…There is no formal induction, rather a mix of indirect suggestion, eye fixation, finger snaps, of course. I am an expert hypnotist, and you are already programmed to go deep into hypnosis when you hear the sound of My voice, before you know it, you will be so entranced, so engrossed…and falling deeper with every word. (I recommend you train with My Initiation Mp3 before watching this, if you haven’t already. This video is not for the inexperienced hypnotic voyager.)

Being able see Me…to WATCH Me…. as I take you down deep into an obedient, intensely pleasurable trance adds a whole new dimension for you. Cementing My CONTROL over you and your weak, needy cock. Each stroke taking you deeper, each stroke bringing you closer….each word….taking you deeper….to a place of utter surrender, complete abandon….I build and build your arousal…and then I slow it down…I build it again….do NOT cum yet slave…the cock you stroke is MINE and you will cum when I command it….

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Madam Violet – Brainwashed by Breasts

Madam Violet - Brainwashed by Breasts

Listen, watch and stroke for Me as I provide you with Divine inspiration. My breasts are beautiful, natural, and oh so sensitive…. I gently stroke as I command you to do the same, I TEASE My nipples as I MELT your BRAIN, pulling and twisting, keeping you utterly captivated as I take yet another orgasm from you…. Stroke, watch and listen as you worship the naked Divine breasts of your One True Goddess… prepare for total brain MELTDOWN as you feel the full force of My towering hypnotic skills and My extraordinary beauty…..tormenting you with the idea of worshiping My tits with your mouth…..reminding you how it can never happen… all the while stroking, kneading and caressing My breasts….until you give yourself to Me completely… Enjoy, you lucky, lucky slave.

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Madam Violet – Cerebral Re-Sexualisation – The Call of your Cock

Madam Violet - Cerebral Re-Sexualisation - The Call of your Cock

You’re addicted to porn. You are addicted to mindless, robotic, mechanical jerking. You have a real problem, you’ve desensitized your dick, you’ve almost completely broken your cock. Vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for you anymore, your cock no longer craves pussy, it craves your hand. Where has your masculinity gone? Your cock is obliterating it! you are a slave to your cocks demands, and bit by bit your cock is winning and you are losing. In a really big way. Some may even say you are in fact a loser. Fear not, I’m here to help! It is a long road back, but I am here to guide you, teach you, train, reward and punish you, until you learn to reclaim your sexuality from that piece of flappy meat between your legs. And give it to Me. You are mesmerized the second you see Me, My hard nipples poking through the fishnet top, My ass, My legs – My body has you right where I want you STRAIGHT away. Weak and obedient. Of course hypnosis is PERFECT for your problem, I have helped many a vanilla man in therapy, but this time My methods will be far more controversial 🙂 AND EFFECTIVE. I put you into trance using eye fixation on My tits – have you SEEN them?! Triggers such as sleep and finger snaps and all the other magic I do with words to capture your mind. Then I begin the long process of Re-Sensitization, it will be hard, so very hard NOT to touch your dick, but that is what you MUST do. you must IGNORE the desperate call of your cock and instead LISTEN to ME, to be able to FEEL the PLEASURE throughout your entire body instead of obliterating all of it by focusing on your dick. I tease and taunt you, with My ass, My tits right in your face. I KNOW what My body does to you! It is process of withdrawal and it may hurt, but if you hold on long enough, if you obey My every word, if you turn your back on the childish DEMANDS of your dick and instead throw yourself at My mercy, you will be rewarded. Contains: , eye fixation, finger snaps, triggers, anchors, deepeners, re-programming, re-framing, NLP, re-conditioning, manipulation, mind fuck, tease and denial, masturbation instruction, tit worship, ass worship, shoes, bare feet.

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