Madam Violet – Feels So Good you Want to be Bad

Madam Violet - Feels So Good you Want to be Bad

Every now and then I feel like rewarding all My pets, subs, slaves, and addicts. Its simple really; massage oil and My big beautiful tits. Close up right in your face. What better reward?! Of course you dont deserve to see My oiled up slippy, WET, naked tits, AND stroke!! So, its time to sit on your hands. Thats it, but take your cock out I want you to watch the effect I have on it, I want to see it dance for Me. Listen, look, and prepare yourself for the fight of your life. Feel as all your strength slips away, all your thoughts become meaningless clutter and your dick gets harder and harder. Teasing you with My body, manipulating and coercing you with My words, you do NOT stand a chance!!Drip, drip, dripping the oil on My juicy tits, dripping just like your cock will be, insanely mesmerizing, you notice your mouth is WIDE open, just like your mind. I torture your imagination with what could be. My wet SLIPPERY tits, sliding across your naked body, My oiled up hands all over your cock, your balls. I think you REALLY want to stroke that aching cock!? Don’t you dare. If you stroke you will pay your Bad Boy Fine – how much? You decide, this isn’t financial domination this is about Reward and Punishment, Pain and Pleasure, Resistance and just LETTING GO. I know you want to be My good boy, you want to obey Me. I want you to be a GOOD boy for Me, I want you feel the pleasure as it slides into pain. I want you to RESIST, but you WANT to stroke. Yes you do, you want to PUMP that dick as you feel it sliding between My perfect, WET TITS. I don’t want you to STROKE, I don’t want you to have to PAY your Bad Boy Fine, but you WILL, if you stroke. As the screen fills with the oil oozing over My erect nipple something inside of you will shatter, and you will break. One way or anther you will ALWAYS pay, one way or another you will ALWAYS give to ME, and I will take. Its up to you, whether its your cash, or your cold hard PAIN and throbbing blue balls. Contains: Mindfuck, brainwashing, manipulation, coercion, NLP, light trance, tease and denial, findom, tit worship, slave training, femdom pov

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Madam Violet – Stroke

Madam Violet - Stroke

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday (or ‘Anyday’!) stroking session, deeply ENTRANCED by the magical words and AROUSING body of a STUNNING Goddess? Nope. Raw SEXUAL power, coated in a soft sensual blanket of seduction, effective hypnotic trance. I am a true GIFT! I pull you under My spell from the first moment as your breath is taken from you by My beauty. Deeper and deeper DOWN I lead you, so easy and effortless as you stroke your hard aching cock for Me, absent minded stroking, all of your attention is on Me. Every time I smile you can feel yourself WEAKEN and HARDEN simultaneously. A ten second countdown with finger snaps and trigger words finishes you off entirely. As I stroke My body, you stroke your cock. So soft and gentle, allowing yourself to be LOST in My words, lost in My beauty and power, losing yourself until you are nothing, just so you can FIND yourself again, inside Me. Right now slave you are PERFECT, hard and horny, suspended in submission, your soul aches for Me as your cock drips for Me, and still we STROKE together. Perfect juicy TITS, perfect long LEGS, PERFECT words. and its just you and I. My dominance and your sweet submission, in this state you will repeat your mantras, affirmations, PRAYER. Watch Me lose Myself in the pleasures of My body as you slowly LOSE your MIND. Stroke and REPEAT your affirmations. Highly aroused, highly susceptible. Surrender, SUBMIT and STROKE Contains: hypnosis, NLP, countdown deepener, finger snaps, trigger words, affirmations, seductive mind control, slave programming, brainwashing, tease and denial, joi, some layered hip no tic effects, layered voice track.

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Madam Violet – Serum V

Madam Violet - Serum V

Super fucking hot, super deadly. You wake up inside a cage, with your therapist in front of you. Disorientated, she calms you down by putting you in a relaxing, obedient trance. As you you listen intently, she tells you that her experiments have finally worked; years of trial and error, hundreds of dead men, FINALLY I have success and it is all because of YOU! When you came for your session this morning I put you into trance and command you to follow Me home, then I undressed you, CAGED you and injected My serum into your fat juicy vein, and you SURVIVED!! You are confused and terrified but so HORNY and HARD. Then you hear it. HER voice INSIDE your head, clear as day, a slow smile spreads across her face. Yes, we are psychically linked, I have a direct line to your BRAIN. I can communicate with you telepathically ANYWHERE, at ANY time! She says all this without actually speaking. The fear inside you increases, as does your throbbing erection. Oh YES, a wonderful side effect of the virus – it has somehow connected my voice to your DICK, the more you hear it, the HARDER you get. Oh and, you should know, you are compelled to OBEY. You simply cannot resist, your subconscious is programmed to SURVIVE, and I have programmed it to KNOW the only way to do that is to OBEY. Stroke that DRIPPING cock for Me. I am SO pleased with you, you DESERVE TO STROKE! But I must tell you, it MAY kill you, having an orgasm. Your body may not be able to take the stress. It is worth the risk don’t you think? Worth expiring for Me, ALL so that I am one step closer to taking OVER the WORLD of men! AND if you survive, well, I have SO much planned for you, just think of what we can do together! you are so very precious to Me, The first of My zombie army, My Violet now cum for Me and lets see what happens. Contains: induction, countdown, triggers, finger snaps, layered voice track, brainwashing, mindfuck, tit worship

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Madam Violet – Sex and Love and Magik

Madam Violet - Sex and Love and Magik

The reason I am so powerfully irresistible is the fact that I am a triple threat, I have the beauty, the brains, and the body. One on their own is enough to mesmerize; all three are enough to CHAIN you to Me forever. Which of course is My ultimate goal. Already STUPEFIED by My insanely HOT body in My red satin peek-a-boo bra, fishnet tights, caged panties and thigh boots, My hypnotic patter and well used triggers will have you dropping like a stone. I know you want to STROKE, you NEED to stroke but just wait a while, I want your cock twitching and dripping before you stroke. As your desire for Me builds the control you have lessens, you are eating out of My hand.There is only one place this is going, you are playing with fire, nurturing an addiction for Me. An addiction more powerful than any drug. I am creating in you a chemical DEPENDENCE on Me, an emotional NEED for Me, a sexual DESIRE for Me, a physical CRAVING for Me, what is this if not love?! After an age of intense teasing I finally allow you to release yourself, but only if you agree to the terms of your orgasm, you will strip, kneel before Me and repeat the words I say to you. As your body floods with chemicals of pleasure, as you squeeze out all that hot cum and your cock explodes in ecstasy My words will slide inside your open mind like they have ALWAYS been there. I love you Goddess Violet!. Yes pet, yes you do.

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Madam Violet – Can’t Think Can’t Cum

Madam Violet - Can't Think Can't Cum

There are two things men really shouldn’t be allowed to do unsupervised – think and cum. Luckily when you’re thoughtless, mindless, lost, deep in the safety of My control you can finally relax and be yourself. Its so nice NOT to have to think, its such a relief to LET GO. I’m also sure you have recognized too that once you cum you tend to SLIP out of whatever trance or subspace you were occupying. It is simple psychology; to CONTROL someone you control access to the thing they want. We both know that what you want is to orgasm, oh you may THINK you like to edge, that you love to keep yourself all HARD and horny, but this is only because you LOVE TO CUM. If orgasm wasn’t the constant goal of your mushy brain then why would abstaining be so much FUN?So sit back and relax whilst I slowly FUCK that sweet, juicy pussy-mind of yours and put you in that place where you cant think and cant cum. Using traditional progressive muscles relaxation, looking anything but traditional, I relax and sedate your body and naturally your mind follows. Taking you down in to trance under My control is not a challenge, but a sweet seduction, and you respond like an obedient to My triggers.When you are under and already woolly headed you begin to stroke your dick and I become more direct in the task of making you horny and mindless. Using layered visuals, My beautiful CAPTIVATING face in the foreground, My deliciously AROUSING body in the background. Splitting your attention, CONFUSING your mind, and the layered voice tracks, the soft whispers, the repetitive SUBLIMINAL triggers, they all culminate in ONE thing; rendering you incapable of thought, and incapable of orgasm. Cant think, cant cum all you can do is stroke like an addict, feeling like you could tip over the edge any minute, but being held where you are, in the intangible. Sweet, torturous pleasure. When I think you’ve had enough I’m not cruel enough to leave you THOUGHTLESS, but I ensure when you go back to your life one thought sticks out above the rest. The only thought you NEED to have, and f course I leave you physically ACHING, sexually yearning, still very much SUBMISSIVE in your cognitive processes that the One True Thought can really take hold 🙂

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Madam Violet – Making Gaping Holes

Madam Violet - Making Gaping Holes

I’m going to hypnotize you, build you up into sexual frenzy, seductively carve out deep gaping holes of desire inside of you, and ensure I leave you, unfulfilled, aching and GAPING for Me. I’m feeling the kind of horny that no matter how many times I orgasm I cannot get satisfaction, there’s still a gnawing hole of lusty need deep inside of Me. So Im taking this out on you, of course! You are going to be My toy, a distraction from the aching throb of My pussy, you can be the clear FOCUS for My frustrations. I will share this sexual frustration of Mine with you – building your sexual and mental arousal to intense levels, and then leaving you, gasping, begging, aching GAPING. You will NOT cum, you will allow Me to FUCK with your mind, to torture your body with PLEASURE and you will SACRIFICE your orgasm. Lay your tight blue balls at My feet as an offering slave, a gift of love, WORSHIP and SUBMISSION.Using conversational, and confusion induction techniques I trap you in trance with My words, and by connecting the stroking of MY cock to the deepening of your trance, the more you STROKE the more STUPEFIED you become. Instructed to stroke slow and steady for Me as you worship My PERFECT body. I stare deep into your eyes as you stroke, you can feel the weight of My gaze and your sexual arousal building, your body filling with a pleasure so HEAVY it pulls you down and DOWN. Trapped and mindless, rendered POWERLESS, edging yourself into MADNESS for My amusement. Realizing you have no control over where this is going, no control over your cock. To further clarify My complete DOMINANCE over your mind I leave you with a very powerful post hip suggestion. For the next seven days you will experience a constant ACHING NEED, you will feel that yearning HOLE of desire inside of you, and no matter how many times you cum, how much you stroke, NOTHING will satisfy that craving, the hunger. Because you HUNGER for ME, and in seven days you will cum CRAWLING back to Me, BEGGING Me to FILL that GAPING hole I’ve created.Contains: various induction styles, deepener, masturbation instruction, post hip no tic commands, conditioning, tease and denial, edging, body worship, brainwashing.

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Madam Violet – Overflow

Madam Violet - Overflow

Don’t plan on doing anything after this intense 30 minute session slave, you will be utterly spent and deliciously exhausted.We both know know how much I love to fan the flames of your LUST, desire and wanton NEED for Me, how I love to carve out those deep GAPING holes inside of you, and leave them there, pulsing, aching to be filled? Well tonight is your lucky night, I’m going to fill you up so completely with ME that your body cannot contain itself, cannot contain the PLEASURE, your body simply erupts, you cum uncontrollably, barely touching your twitching cock as pump after PUMP of HOT sticky PLEASURE overflows from your body and mind. Doesn’t that sound Divine? I will be taking you very deep into Waking Trance for this one, I will be teasing you and arousing you agonizingly slowly. Using eye fixation, confusion technique, breathing, all manner of evil tricks to pull you DOWN into My Realm, where you are helpless in My WEB. Bound by invisible rope, immobile, when you are in THAT place of psychological submission and physical apathy I will begin the process of DEEPENING those holes of need and desire inside of you. Making them ache even more intensely for Me to FILL them up give you that release that RELIEF.Finally I allow you to stroke your cock and so begins another even deeper level of torturous teasing and psychological conditioning. I command that the closer you get to orgasm the slower and softer you stroke your cock. By the time you CUM for Me, it will be UNSTOPPABLE. Filled to capacity with MADAM VIOLET the PLEASURE will PUMP out of your cock all by itself, as ALL the tension leaves your body, all thoughts leave your mind and you experience sweet, SWEET release. The pain is ALWAYS worth the pleasure slave.Of course I leave your mind with conditions. This perfect sense of competition and relief you feel will not last. In a matter of hours those PERMANENT holes inside of your psyche, your body your mind will be begin to widen again, yearning to be filled once more with your One True Goddess.Contains: deep trance, several deepeners, slow building tease, fingers snaps with pleasure triggers, psychological conditioning, masturbation instruction, orgasm trigger, post hip no tic conditioning.

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Masturbation is Ruining Your Life

Madam Violet - Masturbation is Ruining Your Life

Milton Erickson was a God of hip know therapy. He did most of his incredible hypnotic work using metaphors – simple stories which created huge cognitive shifts.This clip is Ericksonian inspired. It sounds as if I’m simply telling you a story, but what I say is littered with hypnotic triggers, suggestions, imbedded commands. This is STEALTH BRAINWASHING.The story I tell you not only happens to involve ME, it’s arousing, mindfucking, manipulative and TRUE.Plus, most importantly it’s a story you can relate to. When did sex become boring for you? When did stroking become your preference over sex? Real sex with a real woman? You have a problem. Masturbation has destroyed your sex life, it’ll probably ruin your whole life. I can help you! Admittedly you’ve fucked yourself up so you’ll never fix the NEED to STROKE. BUT I can channel it, USE it, use YOU. Train you so that even though your loser dick only cums for your hand, rendering you USELESS as a man, you are PERFECT slave material. Don’t feel bad, 99% of men are zombified dick-stroking porn-consuming losers, you all deserve to be punished for your weakness. Captured, restrained, punished, retrained. ADMIT it. Masturbation is ruining your life. You need professional help. You need MY help.

Includes: mindfuck, metaphor, indirect hip no sis, imbedded commands/triggers/suggestions. Ass worship, tights, hold ups, humiliation, brainwashing, masturbation instruction, cum countdown.

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I make you promise to fuck Me really hard

Madam Violet - How I am supposed to cum with THAT

Picture it – you’ve somehow manage to pull the HOTTEST girl from work, the hottest girl you’ve EVER met. I’m in your bed right now, hot and so horny. Making you hard with My words, with My teasing body, My perfect tits, beautiful face, dangerous eyes. I tell you how wet I am, how much I want your COCK deep inside My wet, tight pussy. I make you promise to fuck Me really hard. Then you get it out. It all goes wrong from here. Shocked, confused, pissed off, disgusted. Just a few emotions I express. How could you DO this? How could you get Me all turned on, and then pull out THAT?! How do you even jerk that thing?! After realising you’re still hard after My berating, I humiliate you for getting off on the humiliation!! With morbid curiosity I make you jerk – just so I can see how gross it looks. Ugh! Stop now! I can’t take anymore!Loving the powerless position you’re in I get My tits out and tease over thoughts of rubbing that worm between My huge tits…would you like that? Hmm? Haha! NEVER going to happen, I’d be sick!! I wanna know how much cum that thing produces, cum for Me, NOW, cum on the floor, hurry, I’ve got to go soon, get back out there and find a real man to fuck. Oh and of course I’m going to tell EVERYONE about this, how can I not?!

Includes: sph, mild psychological humiliation, tease and denial, tit worship, topless, boots, lingerie, jerk off instruction.

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I force you to kneel and listen

I force you to kneel and listen

Youve heard I use black magic, frightened yet excited you come to Me for a love spell. Tired of helping cowardly men to deceive their Women I decide to give you what you NEED not what you want. I quickly take you down into an easy light trance, in which you are fully aware yet, very suggestible. Rooted to the spot, under My thrall. It may be possible to resist hip no5is, but not black magic. And not Me. I force you to kneel and listen.From this moment forward you are enslaved to My feet. In order to ever get an erection again – you will NEED to see My feet. In order to EVER get the pleasure of release you will require My feet. It wont be a juicy, plump pussy that gets you hard and horny but My beautiful feet. My feet will fill your dreams, spilling over into your days, you will ache for My feet, you will throb for My feet. I ensure that you will not remember a thing of what happened today by using My forgetting potion and post hypnotic suggestions. BUT you will return here every week to worship My feet. Every week without fail you will come, kneel and lovingly tend to My feet, if you’re lucky you will get to release. if you FAIL to come. Well then you will fail to CUM, EVER. Your dick will get progressively harder, more swollen, more achey. But NOTHING will allow you to cum. it will be impossible to feel that sweet RELEASE unless you are here, kneeling at My feet.Lets mark this occasion. Stroke for Me, teach your cock the way it HAS to be from now until forever. Cum for My feet slave.

Contains: rapid induction, subliminal images, hypnotic light effects, brainwashing, mind control, foot worship, cum count down, and of course BLACK MAGIC

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My Beauty leaves your mouth SPEECHLESS and My INSANELY HOT body makes your cock so deliciously HARD

My Beauty leaves your mouth SPEECHLESS and My INSANELY HOT body makes your cock so deliciously HARD

The fact is you will FALL for Me. You are a man after all, but even better you have submissive proclivities and a love of hip nos is. My PERFECT PREY.Your descent into The Trap you will NEVER escape may be rapid or tantalisingly slow. But one way or the other you will FALL, so very far down for Me, until you are too deep to ever get out.I am a combination of traits that render you POWERLESS. My hip no tic prowess leaves your mind EMPTY, My Beauty leaves your mouth SPEECHLESS and My INSANELY HOT body makes your cock so deliciously HARD. Dumb and horny and ripe for a fucking.Its not a matter of IF, but WHEN, and when is NOW, because you are FALLING right NOW. Caught up entirely in My words, dropping like a stone when I snap My fingers, falling for Me in all ways, always DEEPER for Me. The way I talk and the way I move My STUNNING body is enough to mesmerise you, but then the words I say are ACHINGLY seductive, and My POWER spills out of the screen in waves, you can FEEL it bathing you and you fucking love it. Forced to slip and slide down for Me without touching your cock, My body drives you slowly crazy as I use it tease you. Seamless propaganda, brainwashing, hip no tic triggers and commands all blended together to PERFECTION.I am IT. I am THE addiction you never escape, the voice you will always hear, the body you will always see. I like it that way, you NEED it that way.Look into My eyes, feel your insides melt as I stare into yours, tranced out, ROCK hard, desperate for Me, I tell you to hold the base of your dick. Youre lost in My eyes and you FEEL that HARD cock, Mmmmmmm pure TORTURE!! Delicious agony. FEEL what I do to you!When you are DEEP enough, HARD enough and DESPERATE enough I allow you to stroke and cum. you dont have long, just enough time to implant some more Truths, just enough time to feed your MUSHY MIND what I want it to hear and ACCEPT. But even when you cum and I withdraw from your mind, closing it back up behind Me, you will still continue to fall, ever deeper for Me. A free fall that never ends.

Contains: h1 pno sis, eye fixation, imbedded commands/suggestions, finger snaps, triggers, nlp, programming, brainwashing, mind control, ass worship, tit worship, binaural music, cum countdown

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The Girlfriend Trap

The Girlfriend Trap

Youve been a careless boy and left your iPad at home, your girlfriend figured out your passcode:I confront you when you get in, I know everything! You are a submissive hipno-slut who needs to be dominated and controlled, taken in hand, pleasured and punished in equal measure. I tell you what I read turned me on, and what got my panties the wettest was reading that apparently, all you need to hear are the words SLEEP and you instantly fall into a trance, an OBEDIENT trance. Which of course you do! Pleased my plan is working, I effortlessly manipulate you deeper, snapping my fingers like a pro, using the trigger words I found such as DROP all whilst revealing my gorgeous body to fuck you up even more, teasing your hard cock with it.I tell you instead of dumping you, I will USE you. Take your broken, confused mind and make it MINE. When I have you deeper than you have been before you stroke your aching dick and I tell you that I want a TPE. All your assets will be moved into MY name, you will cook, you will clean, you will OBEY. You will entertain my friends and I, naked and collared, you will ADORE ME EVERY minute of every DAY. NO other woman will ever control you again. I OWN you, you are no longer a man, you are another asset I have acquired. Im so wet and aroused by My power, the sight of My perfect erect nipples evidence of how much I am enjoying Myself. I take you close to the edge of orgasm, and make you believe youre about to get your release, then I order you to stop SLAVE. NO more orgasms for you for a LONG time, did you think I wouldnt make you pay?! I finish with a final command; when you awaken it will seem as though nothing has happened but EVERYTHING has changed forever, and tomorrow morning youll feel a compulsion to lock your cock up. You wont be needing it anymore honey, all I want from you is your tongue in My ASShole, your MONEY in My bank, and your MIND in the palm of My hand. For the rest of your life. Now make Me a coffee.

Contains hipnosis, conversational induction, imbedded commands, trigger words, countdown, finger snaps, strip tease, manipulation, brainwashing, tease and denial, femdom pov, bare feet, jeans.

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Covert Trance

Covert Trance

Unbeknown to you, your girlfriend has been learning how to utilise covert hip no sis. She is a natural and has become exceptionally good. As you chat about your day, and she sips the tea you made her, she beings her silent attack. Using a technique called nesting, she uses stories to engage, distract, confuse and ultimately detach your conscious mind, leaving the guts of your brain wide open for sabotage. She talks so naturally that you have no idea anything is happening, you are engrossed though, if a bit lost. Her feet are so distracting, and those long red nails would feel so good down your back right nowLooping one story into the next she stealthily opens up your sensory experience, all her powerful metaphors, commands, and instructions slide right into your mind, bypassing your critical faculties, She is so very clever, this is a complex psychological trap she is effortlessly weaving around you. Every word has a deeper meaning to your subconscious. You love to listen to this woman talk! All of a sudden you hear her tell you to take your COCK out, and you find yourself obeying her instantly without thought. She tells you to stroke it and you OBEY. She is pleased with, and you realise how HAPPY that makes you. Those tits makes you so HARD, you feel overcome with the need to beg, to obey, let GO of it ALL.Pumping your dick for her, she puts the finishing touches to your new programming, orders you to cum on command and forget about it all. Thats exactly what you do.

Contains: Conversational hip no sis, NLP, nested loops, disassociation, metaphors, future pacing, anchors, imbedded commands, manipulation, mindfuck, femdom, cum countdown,

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